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Stephenie has been a tremendous asset both to me and to my coaching clients. For 5+ years I have worked with her on websites, speaker one-sheets, physical marketing materials, event signage and other branding pieces. Stephenie consistently impresses me with her ability to bring her intuitive gifts and whip-smart strategic sensibilities to all projects she works on. She is talented, smart, a great communicator, flexible and delivers projects on time. I highly recommend her work.

Alexia Vernon, Communication and Leadership Expert


Stephenie is absolutely AMAZING to work with. I’ve had other designers and branding specialists who didn’t listen to me, and it was so frustrating to feel not listened to! It wasted my time, money and energy. Stephenie is a phenomenal listener. She takes the time and energy to listen to what my goals are, deeply analyzed my site thoroughly, became crystal clear on my needs, made informed recommendations clearly and then executed efficiently, creatively and professionally. I couldn’t be happier!

Seth Perler, Santa Monca, CA


I’m so happy with the website Stephenie designed for me, and it was such a great experience working with her and her team! I was in the midst of creating many new offerings and refining my message, and Stephenie was extremely supportive, helpful and patient throughout my process. She also brings to the table excellent feedback on messaging and packages and helped me reach new levels of clarity on my new offerings. I really feel that we co-created the look of my site, as she took in all my input and feedback every step of the way, and was able to bring my vision to life. The finished product feels so completely ME! I highly recommend her graphic design work and especially her website design.

Elizabeth Blue, Elizabeth.blue



Whenever I need to get massive business clarity in minimal time, I always go to Stephenie for her business brilliance. As a boutique marketing consultancy, it’s important for all aspects of my company to be cohesive and clear – from our web design and branding to the internal business goals that are inspiring growth & attracting new clients. And working with Stephenie ensures that our business goals are reflected in our company at every angle – from web design to marketing assets & branding.

I will bring a fuzzy idea or big hairy problem to her, and at the end of our session, she has addressed the root causes and we’ve mapped out a solution that not only tackles the specific problem, but that is in alignment with my business vision and core values.

I can’t recommend Stephenie enough if you’re looking for someone who can deliver effective, actionable business coaching with strategic marketing & branding support.

Jamie DuBose, ZenplicityNow.com


I have worked with Stephenie on a number of occasions from having her do a brand audit to building multiple websites for my companies to suggesting her to clients. She ALWAYS comes through with excellent work. Not only that, She also brings a unique set of skills and expertise to every project that she has been involved with. Would I use again? Absolutely! Did I share how fast her turn around is? If you are looking for someone with her skill set — Look no further.

Skip Lackey, SkipLackey.com


Stephenie Zamora is by far the most responsive and on it designer for the web that I’ve ever worked with. She’s the utmost professional, is truly creative, and always exceeds my expectations! She’s easy to work with and makes my life easy. A true godsend to the online entrepreneur. I highly recommend her services.

Amira Alvarez, Quantum Leap Coaching, AmiraAlvarez.com


lisa-nelsonI started my virtual dietetic business in 2007. In 2009 I began providing virtual services and project management for other health professionals. This lead to a new business branch that continued to evolve and before I knew it my “old” brand/message no longer matched the service I was providing nor the clients I served. I needed a complete brand makeover!

Stephenie and her team did a wonderful job providing initial design options based off our branding brief and then made design revisions until the final was just as needed. I loved how they stuck to the initial timeline and kept what can be an overwhelming process moving forward.

I highly recommend Stephenie to clients and colleagues for their design needs. I’ve worked with her not only on my own re-brand, but on several other client projects. She always delivers!

Lisa Nelson, DetailProjectManagement.com


13308266_10210115916994851_9090368796263906337_oI love what you’ve done. You’ve created something far more beautiful and professional than I ever imagined. Aaaahhh. Happiness! I would absolutely recommend Jumpstart, because it’s so comprehensive. No matter what obstacles you present with, the Jumpstart package has a solution. I had all my copy written beforehand (which is something Jumpstart will do for you), but I had no idea how to communicate what I saw in my mind, in terms of design. All of that was taken care of by the planning and prep worksheets. It was kind of amazing. When I look at my website, I can’t even believe how gorgeous and ME it all is! It’s far better visually and in terms of layout, than I could have even imagined for myself.

Maia Macek, MaiaMacek.com


Hands-down, Stephenie creates gorgeous designs and branding. My business already had a good “look”, but Stephenie’s expert eye took it to the next level, and I’m always eager to hand out my marketing pieces because they look so good! Not only did she create a visually beautiful brand for me, the process of working with her brought about new aha’s and insight as to the value of what it is that I offer. Stephenie not only brought impeccable design abilities, she also brought the strategy and coaching that I needed to get more clarity on my services and the most fun and effective ways to get them out into the world. Highly recommend!

Lisa Hunter, Founder of SacredHouse.org


I’ve worked directly with Stephenie for the past several years and have watched her serve her clients in the most amazing way. Not only does she help people find their passion in work, she gives them the tools to help them achieve it. She has an endless supply of knowledge and shares it freely to help everyone she comes across.

When she is designing a website, she has a gift for hitting the nail right on the head. She takes her client’s vision and makes it come to life, balancing personal preferences with purposeful design. She creates wonderfully constructed content as well as tons of other bonuses with her affordable Jumpstart package. She is timely and communicates clearly with her clients, often going above and beyond in what she delivers.

You know that “I’m so glad this person is in my life” kind of feeling? I’m pretty sure everyone who comes across Stephenie feels this way. She is not only a great boss lady but also an amazing person to know. It’s an honor to assist her in the work that she does.

Amy Villegas, Hawaii


When I started working with Stephenie, I was at a crossroads in my life and business. I’d had a tough 18 months, since my Mom died. I felt like I’d made some inauthentic business decisions while I was grieving and wasn’t the same person anymore. I felt confused about how to shift my business into something I loved vs. something I dreaded.

Stephenie was able to ask the right questions and give me her insights that guided me back to my true self. I loved the concentrated amount of time we spent working through this and brainstorming. Stephenie had the ability to see the connections of the various aspects of my business and what I love and how to tie them together. That was so helpful to me.

I loved her idea of a Core Anchoring Concept to use as an umbrella for all my business products and services. That was a lightbulb moment for me. We also came up with a roadmap for going forward and some action steps to get started. I have much more clarity now and a sense of peace in having a plan.

I would recommend this process to anyone who is stuck, feels disconnected from who they are or looking to go in a new direction. Stephenie is an incredibly intuitive and skilled guiding and leading you to find the answers you need to move forward. This has been one of the best investments I’ve made.

Eleni Andreadis, CT


Intuitive. Passionate. Sincere. Stephenie has been my brand strategist for almost 6 years and has seen me through many shifts and changes in my business. I’m so grateful that I found her as she understands my business better than anyone I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with many. Beyond her savvy marketing and graphic design skills, Stephenie has a keen sense of when your message is on target and when it’s not. She sees through the fears, doubts and the hiding that entrepreneurs can get stuck in and keeps calling out your best.

I would highly recommend Stephenie if you’re looking for someone with impeccable integrity that you can count on to co-create your brand that’s in alignment with your soul.

Kara Sorensen, Body Wisdom Mastery Coach


Stephenie is a highly skilled and creative website designer with proven experience in both online marketing, content creation, and brand strategy. She’s incredibly efficient, always delivering quality work on time, with excellent attention to detail. Stephenie would be a great asset to any team, company, or marketing efforts if you’re looking to grow your business and expand your reach!

Chad DiPrince, Kelly Klee Private Insurance


1009026_10151757455320751_2145634153_oWorking with Stephenie made me realize how important it is to have a web designer who can see the big picture and execute a clear vision. There are plenty of people who can copy a template and add some stock photos but Stephenie thinks about your business needs, develops messaging, and builds something special that really represents you. She is my go-to for quality web design projects.

Johnathan Deckart


15-296x300Working with Stephenie and her team was such a smooth and interactive experience. My questions were always answered within a great time frame. She received feedback and gracefully. I loved that the package included practical components (like newsletter header and opt in gift) that are needed to have a complete website, especially when offering Health & Lifestyle medical coaching. I would happily recommend the Jumpstart package to others.

Dr. Stacy Mobley, BlissNaturalMedicine.com


I have used Stephenie for my business, webcomic, and art websites. The design is superb, top notch, clean and user friendly. The branding she has done for me is better than I could’ve hoped for. Working with her is comfortable and easy. She is very professional and responsive and I feel like she felt my vision and made it a reality. Thank you Stephanie!

Mark Risius, Wow Love Carpet Cleaning


1073247_10103858792271174_850036963_oStephenie is the kind of person everyone wishes they could work with. She’s brilliant, patient, determined, and amazingly talented. Her ability to understand vision and turn it into something remarkable is unmatched. Her personality makes the entire experience enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring. If you ever get the opportunity to work with her, do yourself a favor and seize it!

Bridget Chamberlin


garyStephenie is one of the brightest Marketing Designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When it comes to Amazing, Awe inspiring design, Stephenie is definitely in a league of her own. Not only does she have innovative, beautiful designs, but she possesses the power of being able to construct awesome written content coupled with persuasive, successful Marketing ideas. She has the right fortitude to succeed at anything she puts her mind to and I foresee her being a huge success in all future endeavors.

Gary Friedman


If you want a thoughtful, thorough, sensitive to the client’s needs designer and branding expert to accompany your cause-driven, entrepreneurial efforts, Stephenie is the one to call. Working with her has been smooth sailing for me and my business. She guided me through the process of relaunching my website, evaluated my brand and whipped up a plan that provided me with the support and visuals I needed to accomplish a smooth transition. Her talents are real, her timing impeccable, and professionalism unforgettable. Working with her has been and will continue to be a delight.

Cheryl Chavarria, www.TheConvivialWoman.com


I would highly recommend Stephenie’s services. She created the logo for Kelly Klee Private Insurance, which truly reflects the quality, mission, and feeling we wanted to convey. She was able to take a vague thought about what we wanted and quickly turn it into an iconic representation of our brand.

Jon Kelly, Founder of Kelly Klee Private Insurance


I have been blessed to work with Stephenie and her team of talented professionals. Stephenie has the ability to take a concept and bring it to life, make it better than you ever thought it could be, and with incredible attention to detail. I must share that what impresses me the most about her work is that she cares – she puts her heart into every project as if it were her own. Our website, www.DSWA.org and our blog, www.MyDSWA.org were redesigned and completely upgraded by her and her team. I am thrilled with the results! The upgrades and improvements have positively impacted our bottom line and the growth we are experiencing as an organization. She took our branding, web presence, and overall approach to the next level of excellence and I highly recommend her personally and professionally.

Grace Keohohou, President and Co-founder DSWA


Stephenie is extremely reliable and will always surprise you with incredible projects. Projects always go smooth when counting on Stephenie’s organizational skills and delivery. My favorite part about working with Stephenie is how much she cares about you. She is very respective of your time, thoughts, doubts and ideas. It’s fun knowing she’ll always be thinking outside of the box and come up with ingenious content and designs. Especially since Stephenie is a one stop shop for all type of marketing. I’m so happy to reconnect with Stephenie after a year because I know she cares about my success and will be there to help me and my business grow!

John Graham, Little Giant Marketing


Stephenie has an uncommon combination of self-awareness, empathy, great design taste, and business acumen.

I’ve known Stephenie, both personally and professionally, for several years now. We’ve both helped each other with our businesses along the way – from technical server configuration and programming, to design, to marketing strategy.

She’s someone I trust to handle certain parts of my own business (where I very, very rarely would trust someone to do so), plan on working with her for quite some time, and would be very comfortable trusting her with even more of my business if the situation presented itself.

If you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend doing so.

Ben Wills, Creator of Ontolo.com


When you are growing your own business, you wear all the hats. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in all of the day to day responsibilities it’s hard to take time out to look at the big picture. Working with Stephenie helped me step back and look at my business through a fresh set of eyes. Her expertise in graphic design helped me see what my web site was missing and how I can continue to make my site better and more representative of who I am and what I do. She also helped me focus on my ideal client and get a more detailed profile of my target market allowing me to tailor my services and message to those I wish to attract. The day to day still has to get done but, thanks to Stephenie, I now have a clearer direction on how to keep my business moving forward.

Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness


It was incredible to find Stephenie. I don’t believe we could have found a better match for our company and gain the quality and passion for the project that Stephenie brought to the table. I highly recommend working with her in whatever capacity it might be!

Pablo Brown-Rodriguez, Geriatric Care Management


Prior to working with Stephenie, I felt frozen and gridlocked in creating my business. Stephenie provided the insight and clarity that I needed to move forward. She shared her own relevant experience, zeroed in on my potential, and was extremely encouraging in helping me develop my next steps. I highly recommend working with her!

Kristyn Childres


I love working with Stephenie she is so generous with her knowledge and no question is a dumb question with her, she takes her time to tend to even the smallest detail. She is very creative and the girl got spunk, so I know that when I contact Stephenie I get the support and straight answers that I need.

Pat Romain, www.PatRomain.com


Words cannot express how much we appreciate your time and talent! You are amazing and your efforts are making an impact nationally! I am so blessed to know you!

Angela Rose, Founder of PAVE


Girl, I LOVE everything about you and your business. Many people can have a design business, but what makes you special is that you’ve got the whole package… you’re smart, personable, creative, talented, reliable, hardworking, honest and timely. You got it all girl, and people see that and what to be a part of what you’re doing and support you by passing your information on to others too.

Claudine Dagit, www.StilettoAndSpice.com


“Not only did Stephenie help clarify my purpose, but she also helped me get started on creating my business model and automation around it all.”

So before I started working with Stephenie I had reached the end of my whit. I knew I was here to make a difference in people’s lives but I just didn’t know which direction I needed to go. I had started so many ideas but never followed through with any of them to the stage that they were making money and giving me fulfillment. I was at an all time low in my life.

It’s funny, this may sound a bit woo woo here, but while I was in the middle of my all time low, I prayed and meditated for help and guidance. I came out of that meditative state and flicked open Facebook, as you do ;), and I clicked on an article which then led me to Stephenie’s website. As I read her own personal story I felt like she understood where I was coming from because she had been there. I knew at that moment I had to contact her.

I am so happy that I did, not only did Stephenie help clarify my purpose, but she also helped me get started on creating my business model and automation around it all. In between our scheduled calls she would help me with my copywriting, and provided me with the resources I needed to build a great business around my passion. I really appreciated her experiences and knowledge in getting through this time of frustration.

I would definitely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to discover their purpose, build a solid business around it and to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

P.L., Australia 


Kayla-White-Coach-Writer“I got more done in three months than I had the entire previous year!”

Stephenie has a wonderful way of diving deep to the core of what’s holding you back from your goals. Before Amp Your Awesome, I suffered from extreme procrastination, perfectionism, and “analysis paralysis”. Stephenie helped me uncover the root of these issues – fear – and gave me advice and insightful wisdom on how to work through my fears. I got more done in three months than I had the entire previous year! I was tired of not making any progress towards my goals, but now I’m much farther along than I’ve ever been before. If you want to work with someone who will hold you accountable and help you make your dreams a reality, then I highly recommend hiring Stephenie as a coach.

Kayla White, WI


10712505_10152433629683027_1914006885153854411_oI had a great opportunity to work with Stephenie one-on-one this year.  It came at a critical time, as I was trying to push through the last 10% of getting a book finished and kept running into (mostly internal) road blocks.  Stephenie dug deep so we could focus on the real sticking points, came up with a plan for moving forward and was there by phone and e-mail to support me.  In particular, the ideas we generated weren’t just “do this/ do that”. Stephenie went deeper and we identified ways to foster and nurture creativity, how to prioritize my work and creating excitement about finishing the book.  I was also blown away by the acupressure Stephenie brought in.  It was a simple and highly effective method for getting by some deep writer’s block. This was deeply personal work but Stephenie brings a tremendous presence to her coaching that provided a safe and accepting environment to work in. Stephenie is a genuinely caring person who brings authenticity and expertise to her coaching. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Barry Solway, Author of Courtship of the Monster Under the Bed


“The one-on-one coaching with you last year created some amazing shifts that I couldn’t have even imagined.”

The one-on-one coaching with you last year created some amazing shifts that I couldn’t have even imagined. When I signed up, I was desperate to know what my purpose was in this world. But I learned so much more than that. What I really loved about it was how much I learned about myself and where my blocks were and what really mattered to me and how to accept and love myself and of course that it is absolutely possible to live in a way that incorporates all of myself. Hence why I’m finally moving to another province (I seriously cannot thank you enough).

K.F., Canada


998038_213250298832861_201164473_nIf you asked me two months ago what topic I wanted to base my business on, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I felt this strong need to create a business, but I was overwhelmed with ideas. Stephenie really helped me to filter out which ideas were just interests and which were my main passions.

What I’m most thankful for is the weekly to-do lists she provided me after each of our sessions to help me stay on track to getting one step completed before I jumped to the next thing. I know that if I tried to start my business on my own, I would’ve overlooked SO many things and burn myself out. I would’ve kept pushing myself to get things done, but then worried that I forgot or did something wrong.

With her guidance and support, my business is up and running and I have created my Individual Coaching Package and two Transformational Quick-Guides. I’m currently coaching my own clients and there are several other products and packages in the making.

The best part is that, by working with Stephenie, I have been able to overcome my own mental blocks so that I now feel so much more in-tune with my own creative flow. I’m no longer just sitting around wanting to create and do something but unsure if that’s “right” or good enough, or creating blocks by telling myself “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that”. Now I’m just letting my own creative spirit flow. I’m freely expressing my ideas… and myself… without all the hesitation.

If you’re really wanting to create something new, discover your true passions, or simply just feel more reconnected to your true self but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get there, then Stephenie is your go-to gal. She will definitely sort out all those crazy thoughts in your brain and set you on the right track so you can create your own joy in your life that you so desperately crave.

Stephenie, thank you so much for helping me through this process! I am eternally grateful!

–Jennifer Twardowski, CA


photo (13)Before I started working with Stephenie I felt completely lost. I knew I was meant to do something greater but I just didn’t know which direction I should go. I had so many ideas and was afraid of making the wrong decision. This unknowing and fear really led me to feeling trapped. I needed help pinpointing what my true purpose was and the things I was truly passionate about. Enter Stephenie.

When I saw Stephenie’s website and read more about the type of people she worked with I found myself relating to everything that was listed. The problems that she helped clients with described completely described my situation at the time, and the solutions she offered were exactly what I needed. As I read her own personal story I felt like she understood where I was coming from because she had been there. I knew at that moment I had to submit an application to work with her. 

I have to say I’m truly happy I listened to my intuition because not only did Stephenie help pinpoint my passions, but she also helped me get started on creating my business. She is someone who truly cares about her clients’ well-being and success. In between our scheduled calls she would check-in to see if I needed support, and provided me with the resources I needed. I really appreciated her experiences and knowledge in getting through this time of uncertainty.

I now know what my passions and purpose are in life and am excited to continue on this path. I have the clarity I so desired before I started this journey. I feel free because I have a deeper sense of self and purpose. I would completely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to feel a sense of freedom, purpose, and the desire to live your best life.

–Adlin Cedeno, CA


Stephenie has been an integral part of my life in so many ways! She’s been able to coach me through the process of starting my own business while guiding me through each step along the way. I feel like I have a clearer picture of my professional goals after working with her on defining my ideal client, creating a business plan that works for me, and learning the basics of branding myself and my business. If you are a passionate entrepreneur who is just starting out and you are looking for that key person for support, guidance and knowledge, look no further than Stephenie Zamora!

Jamie DuBose, VA and Project Management Business Services

Before I started working with Stephenie I felt completely lost. I knew I was meant to do something greater but I just didn’t know which direction I should go. Not only did Stephenie help pinpoint my passions, but she also helped me get started on creating my business. I now know what my passions and purpose are in life and am excited to continue on this path. I have the clarity I so desired before I started this journey. I feel free because I have a deeper sense of self and purpose. I would completely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to feel a sense of freedom, purpose, and the desire to live your best life. Adlin Cedeno | READ MORE

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