How to Reach Your Dreams Through This Super Simple Step

There’s a really easy way to reach all your goals and dreams, but it’s something not many people do, or even realize is an option. It’s how I’ve built this business, shifted into healthier living and clean eating, and made a lot of amazing things happen in my life.

It’s so easy, everyone can do it… and yet they don’t.

So what is this super simple step that you can do to make your dreams a reality? Take one small step forward right now. Then do it again. Before you get mad at me for making action sound easy when it’s not, hear me out.

I know that action isn’t easy when it comes to big goals and dreams, believe me, I know! But the only way to make something happen is to take action towards it. The only way to take action towards your big goals and dreams, is to realize that bringing something to life isn’t about the big massive steps forward. It’s about all the tiny steps, tiny shifts, tiny trials and errors, tiny missteps, tiny successes, and tiny changes along the way. That’s all change is, a series of small steps forward.


A lot of people have told me lately they’re inspired by my clean and healthy eating. I think that’s awesome! But I didn’t get here because one day I declared I wanted to eat better and BAM, everything was clean and healthy from there. So far from it. It started one day in Hawaii, probably about five years ago, when I decided I wanted to eat cleaner. So instead of buying cookies from the grocery store, I bought some “healthier” cookies from the health food store. Instead of regular peanut butter, I bought natural peanut butter. I stopped putting syrup on pancakes one day. I banned myself from eating certain foods one stomach ache at a time. I tried new things. I read a book on going vegan. I went vegan. I tried vegan alternative foods. I started eating more whole and nutritious, less processed foods, one experiment at a time. I lapsed. I started eating natural sugars. I lapsed. I swore off cookies as a whole food group. I lapsed. And eventually I got to this space where I know a lot about clean eating, toxins in foods, how to actually feed myself (through, get this, cooking my own food), and what I personally can and cannot eat.

It definitely didn’t happen overnight and a year from now I’ll be even further into this healthy living journey.

One of my big goals is to run a half marathon and to “become a runner.” This is a massive undertaking for someone who used to die after a half mile on a downhill slope. I’m slow, I’m clunky, and I don’t really have the mental stamina for running, but I’m doing it. And do you know how I’m doing it? By putting one foot in front of the other, again and again. By taking one day at a time in the training plan.

Lastly, my business didn’t just pop up one day and become successful. It was a very different business when I started. I’ve launched many products and programs, some that were well received, some that weren’t. I’ve made enormous mistakes in my business with clients, finances, and everything in between. I’ve also had many small successes and wins. I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words, published more blog posts than I care to count, and slowly shifted my marketing and offerings over the months and years. I got to where I am because I took small steps every single day.

Take my Awesome Life Tips as an example… people love them and that mailing list is growing leaps and bounds every month. But it all started one day, two years ago, when I decided to post my first tip. Since then I’ve written almost 600 tips. One word after another, it’s grown into what it is today.

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear.

You’d rather I share some make it happen fast trick that will catapult you forward.

But that’s just not the way it works.

That said, I do have some tips that will make those steps happen more quickly and with more ease, getting you to where you want to be much faster.

1) Stay in the present moment.

Don’t go off in your head and think about all the things between where you are now and where you want to be. That will just make you feel crappy and overwhelmed, which doesn’t inspire action. Just be here, where you are now, doing what you have to do next. Stay present and focused.

2) Keep taking action, no matter how small.

I know it doesn’t seem like tiny steps make a difference, but they do. They really, really do. If all you can write for your novel is one paragraph a day, that’s still way more words at the end of the month than you’d have if you didn’t write at all. Start, and keep taking action. There’s absolutely something you can do every single day towards your goals and dreams. No matter how small, it makes a difference and will get you there so much more quickly than if you do nothing at all. Break the big steps down until you have something you can do right now to move forward.

3) Celebrate your movement.

Again, stay in this moment and be proud of what you’re accomplishing rather than bummed about what’s left to do. The more you celebrate and appreciate your progress, the more motivated you’ll be to continue taking action, even when it seems like you’re standing still. Only compare where you are to where you were when you started. If you only have a little bit of progress to show for it, celebrate it, you’ve moved forward!

4) Eyes on your own paper.

Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on your own work and goals. It’s easy to look at someone else’s success and think you’ll never get there. All that does is prompt you to give up. You have to remember, the person you’re looking at and comparing yourself to was once exactly where you are. Sure, sometimes it looks different, because we’re all on our own journey, but they started somewhere too. They took action and it took time to get to where they are. There’s no such thing as an overnight success, it’s usually the tipping point after years of preparation, planning, and lots of action.

Take action now.

That’s it, just go take action right now.

Break your dream or goal down until you have something you can do right this moment. Then go do it. Don’t plan how you’ll do it or think about what would happen if you did it one way vs. another… just do it. Take that first tiny step forward.

Then do it again.

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It’s Not Always About What You Want

More often, it’s about what you need.

This is a lesson that the Universe is hammering into me lately and one that I know to be true to the core of my being. I fret over the options and possibilities, try to will what I envision to life, and work so hard to convince myself that the more comfortable, easy route will do. Oh, you didn’t know coaches do this too? Well, we do.

I’m a student of life and a lover of growth. Because of this, my life is always in flux. I’m always changing, learning, stretching, growing, and expanding. I’m always aware of what’s next and ready for the challenge. But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to growing pains and that I don’t, from time to time, try to avoid them.

That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of ease and comfort. Of course I am, I’m human. Despite my constant desire and need for evolution, sometimes what’s asked of me is scary and hard. Sometimes it’s unclear how it’s of service to me at all. And yet, the tiny voice pipes up and ever so gently and ever so lovingly, nudges me forward.

It’s time.
This isn’t right.
Here’s what you need to do.
Trust me, I know.


It’s not always about what you want, it’s about what you need.

And that’s an incredibly important distinction to make.

Sometimes it’s not about your desire to build a business quickly so that you can make gobs of money doing what you love. Sometimes there’s something you need to learn, experience, fail at, or try, before you can become the person you need to be to build the business that will make you gobs of money doing what you love.

Sometimes it’s not about your desire to be with the person in front of you because that’s who you believe you want to be with. Sometimes we need to leave the ones we love in order to create the space to find ourselves. Sometimes we need to be left or hurt by the ones we love in order to become the person necessary to have a truly fulfilling partnership.

Sometimes it’s not about your desire to meet your goal and live happily ever after staring at the recognition of accomplishment on your wall or in your photo album. Sometimes it’s about the journey. The, at times, painful, hard, confusing, trying, and will breaking journey. Sometimes it’s about the failures that force us to re-evaluate what we really want to create in the first place, and more importantly, why. Sometimes you have to change direction, start over, or fall on your face in order to finally succeed.

All of this to say, don’t give up.

The journey is as important as the outcome.

When you feel like things aren’t going the way you want, remember that it may be more about what you need in this moment, not whether or not it’s something you can have. You are always being supported, guided, and given exactly what you need.

Trust that.

Especially when it’s hard.


What Are You Waiting For?

There are many reasons why amazing people never live up to their full potential, just the same as there are many reasons why amazing ideas, visions, goals, dreams, businesses, products, services, books, paintings, and songs never see the light of day.

Because there just weren’t enough hours in the day. 
The timing never really lined up perfectly.
They weren’t an “expert” at what they were doing.
It was more important to focus on practical things first.
It would have been selfish for them to follow their passions.
They may not have been able to make good money.

There are a million and one reasons why we think we shouldn’t start now, and our minds are phenomenal at constructing the most believable stories and excuses. But all these stories and excuses do is keep us stuck, passionless, unhappy, and dissatisfied with life. We think we’re playing it safe and protecting ourselves, but we’re doing the worst kind of damage possible by stifling our passions and desires.

Regardless of where you’re at, now is the time to start.

Starting doesn’t have to mean leaving the secure job and uprooting your entire life. It doesn’t have to mean going all in and risking everything. Starting just means taking the first step.

Investing in the class or mentor.
Buying a book.
Writing the first words of your own book.
Buying canvas and paints.
Going for a walk.
Making the call or sending the email.
Sharing your goal with the world.
Starting a blog.
Setting the spare change aside every day.

There will never be a perfect time to start anything worthwhile, especially if it revolves around creating massive shifts in your life, career, or relationships. Change is scary, and when things require you to get uncomfortable, it’s easy to find reasons why you should stay put just a little longer. But I speak from experience when I say that “just a little longer” can quickly become your everyday life and reality.

So today I encourage you to take the first step.

Throw some paint on the canvas without knowing what it will become, write the first words to your novel, invest in the class, book, or mentor, and get the uncomfortableness of starting over with so you can really begin moving forward towards your dreams.

I’m not saying every step after that first one will be easy, but the momentum from starting will carry you much further than the stagnant energy you have right now.

Take out your journal and work through the following:

  1. Ask yourself, “what am I waiting for?”
  2. Make a list of all the “reasons” you can’t move forward right now.
  3. Then come up with three alternatives for each reason that would allow you to begin moving forward today. For example, “I don’t have any experience painting” could become “sign up for the free painting class at the local craft store.”
  4. Do something RIGHT NOW to start moving forward.

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You Already Know


I often get emails from wonderful people asking if I can help them figure out what they’re meant to do in this life. Each with a unique (yet similar) story about loss, life getting in the way, being stuck, or a hardship that’s taken them down the wrong path. I feel so much love for each of these individuals because I get it. I’ve been there.

I remember countless tears, nights spent questioning everything about my life, moments of panic as I realized how far off course I was, and moments of debilitating terror as I simultaneously realized I had no idea what “on course” actually was.

I just knew I was lost.
Doing the wrong work.
Lacking passion and purpose.
Living a life that wasn’t for me.
Swimming in fear, doubt and confusion.

It sucked.

All I knew was I wanted to make a difference in this world and that I was meant for something more. I tried to take the life I’d built and cram it into the few things I did know… I tried to make a design business that didn’t light me up have meaning and purpose. I tried to convince myself that I was doing work that made a difference. I tried so hard to avoid admitting that I was as far off course as I was.

But the fact remained, there’s only one way to find your purpose and passion, and only one way to build a life and career/business you love.

You have to get honest with yourself. Really, truly honest.

What I’ve learned in this life is that we always know who we’re here to be and the work we’re meant to do. We know what we’re passionate about and we know our purpose. It’s imprinted in the fibers of our being and written in our soul.

The problem isn’t “finding” our passion or purpose, it’s uncovering it. It’s digging deep below the have to dos, should dos, external expectations, pressures of society, limiting beliefs and getting really honest.

Getting honest isn’t as simple or easy as it sounds. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in this life. Because oftentimes getting honest means admitting that you’ve built a life, career, relationship or business that doesn’t really serve you. You’ve poured time and energy into something that doesn’t light you up and fulfill you on all levels. You’ve abandoned your truth, neglected to set boundaries, or followed a path someone else set for you despite the fact it wasn’t what you wanted.

None of this is easy to admit, even to ourselves. Even in the private pages of our journals or in the whispers of our soul. Even the idea of letting these truths surface is so terrifying that many of us work as hard as we can to avoid getting still. Because when we’re still, we’re quiet… and when we’re quiet, all there is to hear is our soul speak.

Our souls never lead us astray, ever.

Our souls are nothing but honest with us.
They tell us exactly what we don’t want to hear.
But they also tell us exactly what we need to hear.

They tell us to leave when a relationship is wrong. They tell us to shift when a job or business isn’t fulfilling. They tell us to explore and experiment with random things that will give us the lessons and experiences we need to grow. They tell us to leap when all rational signs say to stay put, and they tell us to change when all logic says things are perfectly fine. Our souls push us in ways we’re just not comfortable with.

So we bury our truth, fall in line, and continue building lives that we don’t love. Simply because we’re scared to admit that we might want something different.

My challenge to you is to get still and quiet. Meditate, pray, or go for a walk without your phone, music or any other distraction. Give yourself the time and space to be with your soul in silence. Allow your truth to start surfacing… because as much as you may wish there’s a magic pill, worksheet or finger snap that will make you suddenly love your life without having to get uncomfortable, it’s not going to happen.

I’ve had many uncomfortable and hard conversations since I started this journey. I’ve left jobs and relationships, learned to stand firm in my beliefs and boundaries, and had to voice my truth and desires in situations where it would’ve been easier to stay quiet. I’ve made massive changes to myself, my relationships, my business and my life… all because I got still, heard my soul speak, and honored it.

I’ve never regretted a single shift I’ve made while honoring my truth. Not one.

And I promise you won’t either.

So if you’re looking to find your passion and build a life you love around it, today’s the day. Click here to access my free video training series, Pinpoint Your Passion, and get really honest with yourself as you work through the exercises. Get quiet and still, and see what comes up for you. Don’t avoid it, try to stuff it down, or ignore it because it makes you uncomfortable. Take the first step and just allow it to surface. Honor it’s presence by hearing and sitting with it.

You owe it to yourself. 

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Pinpoint Your Passion Video Training Series

Merry Monday to you! Today I have some exciting news, as well as a FREE training series for you. :)

First and foremost, I’m so excited to introduce my new program to you, Your Passion-Based Business™!

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I believe no matter how crazy, big, ridiculous or unheard of your idea is, there’s a business model made just for you, and a marketing strategy that will connect you with the people who want exactly what you’re offering.

I believe that whatever your beautiful dream is, you’re already equipped with everything you need to bring it to life… you just need the tools, guidance, plans, and strategies to make it happen with ease.

I believe the world needs the words, works, services, products, and gifts only YOU have to offer… regardless of who else is already doing it, or what other similar offerings and conversations already exist. We need YOU my friend.

I believe that no matter your age, background, current financial status, gender, experience (or lack thereof), or any other quality you believe you lack, you have what it takes to do the work you want to do. YES, you do.

I believe all of this because I’ve not only seen many different people make money in a business built around their unique passion, I’ve helped them create it.

Time and time again, with ease and joy.

For the past two years, I’ve had the honor of supporting amazing individuals just like you in building profitable online businesses around their passions and purpose. Many started with just an inkling of what they’re passionate about, and absolutely no clue where to even begin building something worthwhile, profitable, fulfilling, or marketable. Having worked with so many unique clients and ideas, I’ve perfected the process of turning passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs. And because the process works so well, I’ve packaged it in an easy to follow, 12-week program to help you do the same!


In just twelve weeks, you’ll go from “this is what I’m passionate about, now what do I do with it?” to having:

  • Clarity around who your audience is and who specifically YOU want to work with.
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If this is you, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

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Even if you have no idea what your passion is, or if feel disconnected from your truth… I promise you that it’s there and it’s never left you. What happens for many of us (myself included at one time) is our passion, calling, and purpose gets buried deep below the “shoulds”, external and internal expectations, obligations, and to do lists, but they never actually leave us. We’re never actually without them. This is why I’m giving you my best tools to begin uncovering what your passion is TODAY.

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Lots of love, xo