Rediscover Yourself

It’s not about “finding” yourself… it’s about rediscovering yourself, uncovering what you really want and creating a life built around your passions.

The truth is, you don’t need to “find” yourself because you were never really “lost.” You simply lost sight of who you are and of what you want, probably after years of trying to live up to who you thought you were supposed to be…

You know, the stereotypical version of success:

  • College education
  • Great career
  • White knight of a husband
  • 2.5 kids and the white picket fence

When did this become the goal we all strive for?  And more importantly, why?

Since you found your way to me and this page, I imagine you’re probably exhausted by the external and society driven goals and lifestyle. You’re either at the beginning of your journey, or you’ve spent a good bit of your years building this picture perfect life, only to discover that it’s not really what you want.

Do you feel…

  • Trapped, tired of, or unfulfilled by your life, career or relationships?
  • On a painful detour from where you “thought you’d be by now?”
  • Feeling lost with no sense of direction or certainty of self?
  • Disappointed that you’re not making more of a difference in the world?
  • Feeling “bleh,” like nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing feels right either?
  • Lonely, feeling as if no one understands or supports you?
  • Overwhelmed by expectations and pressure to do, have, or be something more?
  • Feeling stuck, with no idea of how to make changes or create a life you love?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

I’ve been there. I understand feeling stuck, lost and wandering through life with a general “meh”-ness and soul sapping UNHAPPINESS. I also know what it’s like to come out on the other side… happy, passionate and fulfilled.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.

I’m here to help you rediscover who you are and what you really want. More importantly, WHY you want what you want and how that truth is the foundation for building a life of joy, passion and fulfillment. I’ll help you break through blocks that have kept you stuck for years, shift your mindset in ways you never thought possible, and release the limiting sense of obligation to be, do, or have things that aren’t truly and deeply important to YOU.

People I’ve worked with have:

  • Discovered their true passion and talents… what REALLY lights them up.
  • Gone back to school for what they really want to do.
  • Significantly increased their income doing work they can’t believe they’re getting paid to do – a.k.a. WORK THEY LOVE that comes easily to them.
  • Quit their jobs and started successful businesses working from home.
  • Learned to live in the NOW, not in their negative mind cycle.
  • Reconnected with their intuition and learned to trust themselves again.
  • Learned to live their lives for THEMSELVES, not anybody else.
  • Become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

They wake up every day feeling energized, excited, passionate and ALIVE.

There are currently two ways to work with me on rediscovering yourself and building a life you LOVE:

One-on-One Life Coaching

Are you in need of the support and encouragement to follow your dreams, live true to you (after you rediscover who you REALLY are), and create a life of unprecedented joy and happiness? Are you looking for a mentor to walk the journey with you, support you unconditionally and help you discover what you’re meant to do and be in the world (plus make a ton of money at it)?

If you’re ready to dig deep inside your soul, take a loving but objective look at your life, reassess your deep-seated beliefs, habits, and thought patterns through conscious, sustainable work… then one-on-one coaching is perfect for you.

Click the links below to learn more about my coaching packages.

Foundations for Unshakable Joy™

Use the EXACT foundational process that took me from a stressed and depressed mess, to happy, fulfilled and living a life built around my passions and purpose. This is your opportunity to create YOUR VERSION of what I’ve created for myself. Unshakable joy, passion, deep fulfillment, and the essential knowledge of what exactly you want and what specifically it takes to make it happen.

Here’s what you get:

  • An HONEST assessment of your life right now showing what seemingly “small” issues are creating massive negative impacts (a.k.a. HUGE “aha!” moments that instantly change your life).
  • CLARITY around what EXACTLY you want out of life and what it will take to make that happen (because your dream life? totally possible, I promise).
  • A clear, step-by-step ACTION PLAN that will get you there with ease, eliminate obstacles and prevent you from throwing in the towel at any point during your journey. It’s all smooth sailing from here!
  • Tools to PRIORITIZE what’s most important for YOU so that you’re able to stay motivated, feel energized and MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. Finally!
  • Three LIFE-ALTERING exercises that shift your mindset in ways that produce massive, instant and joy-filled results in ALL areas of your life. Cue more confidence, clarity, connection and FULL OUT SELF EXPRESSION!
  • A COMPLETE resource library containing articles, recommended books, blogs, video and more, do you can dive even deeper into the concepts within this program.
  • A FIRE in your heart and under your ass like you’ve never experienced before! Laziness and lack of motivation are a thing of the past!
  • Your very own loving and supportive TRIBE of women on the same journey as you. There is nothing more powerful than having people in your life that lift you up, believe in you, and hold you accountable to making your dreams a reality! We’re talking LIFE-LONG friendships here!

All this through 6 massively transformational modules delivered via video, written content, and printable PDF worksheets weekly, all housed inside the private membership site. Plus weekly Q&A / group coaching calls where you get your burning questions answered and receive the support necessary to move forward with ease and excitement. And of course, access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect with other members, ask me questions, and share your discoveries, goals and aha moments.

Plus you get access to some pretty awesome bonuses. Click here to learn more about the Foundations for Unshakable Joy program.

The catch:

Foundations for Unshakable Joy is a LIVE 6-week group coaching program that I only run twice per year for a limited number of participants. If you’re interested in taking the program, please hop on the wait list using the form below to receive first notice when the next round opens up!

Since starting this program I am on my way to obtaining my bachelors degree, I have reinvested in my own business, and started really focusing on my fitness. I am much happier and much more productive; laziness is a thing of the past!