One-on-One Brand Strategy Coaching

Are you…

  • Unsure if your website, social media and online marketing strategy are effective, or wondering why you’re not attracting the right clients?
  • Confused or unsure about who your “right clients” actually are?
  • Overwhelmed by all the parts and pieces of your business (blogging, websites, social media and email lists, oh my!) and wish you had some guidance on where to focus your time and energy?
  • At a loss for how to set your pricing so that you’re still able to get clients to sign on, but are also able to pay the bills every month (and easily)?
  • Worried that your branding isn’t on point, maybe even unsure what the heck branding is and if you’re even doing it right?
  • Seeking guidance and strategy on how to setup your website so that it’s easy to navigate, converts visitors into customers or subscribers and makes you the kind of money you know you’re worth?
  • In need of feedback on the content you’re pushing out through your website, social media, blog or email newsletter?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

There is nothing I love more than helping individuals like yourself take their passion and turn it into a profitable, easy to manage, joy-filled and income producing online businesses.

One-on-One Brand Strategy Coaching Options

WARNING: Because I truly care about creating a massive shift for you in our time together, I will be direct and to the point. Consider it a loving shove in the right direction. ;) I want you to experience the same level of joy, passion and fulfillment in your life as I do in mine and I’m more than ready to give you the tools and mindset shifts necessary to make it happen NOW.

If you’re only looking for a shoulder to cry on, are not ready to take action or prefer not to take responsibility for your life, please do not apply.

If you are, move on to the options below!

Full-Immersion One-on-One Business Coaching
Sessions: TBD based on YOUR Business + Personal Needs

How it works:

Apply for one-on-one coaching using the link below. Once I’ve received your application, I’ll contact you to set up an initial, FREE 30-min assessment session. During this assessment, I’ll get a better sense of where you’re at, what you want to create and if we’re a good match for coaching. If we are, I’ll recommend a customized plan of action for you with a specific amount of sessions and timing based on your needs and goals.

The catch:

There’s only one catch to full-immersion one-on-one business coaching with me. I am 100% committed to helping you create a fulfilling, profitable and passion based business that you LOVE. You WILL leave our time together clear, motivated, excited and well on your way to creating a business you LOVE.

Because I’m so committed to your success and happiness, I’ll become deeply involved in your business, life, goals, dreams and desires. This involves making necessary connections for success, sending you books and resources I feel will accelerate your process (among other amazing gifts), being highly accessible between sessions via text and email, sharing personal experiences and forming a solid, emotional bond.

I become your PARTNER in building a business you love. Because of this, I’m only able to work with a limited number of coaching clients in this capacity at any given time so that I’m able to give my BEST to each. You must apply to become a full-immersion business coaching client with me and I will only take you on if I feel this is the best fit for BOTH of us.

Single One-on-One Brand Strategy Session
Sessions: Just the one my dear!

How it works:

You have a crisis, a burning question (or more) or you’re simply sick and tired of the same recurring hangups in your business. Maybe you’re ready to make strides and transformational shifts around ONE SPECIFIC issue with your brand. The point is, you’re ready to tackle some serious stuff RIGHT NOW and need the guidance, tools and support to make it happen fast.

When you sign up for a single one-on-one brand strategy session with me, you get my complete focus, support and attention for a FULL 60-minutes.

During our time together, we may…

  • Get you answers on all your burning questions around branding as listed above, or about how I built and run my business, what tools I use, business structures, strategy and anything else that’s on your mind!
  • Craft a solid online marketing strategy plan that helps you reach your ideal customer FAST (or, maybe we just get you clarity on who you want to serve and how to reach them in a non-icky way).
  • Build a solid brand strategy for your business including voice and tone, color palette, overall look and feel and essence, guidance on web, print or other design elements and overall messaging and positioning.
  • Determine how to price and position your products, services or programs so that you can make REAL MONEY doing what you love every single day.
  • Outline a new product, program or service, create a launch strategy plan and learn all the must-have tools and resources for launching your very first baby into the world.
  • Tweak your copy and content to make it more compelling so that it speaks directly your ideal clients and customers, bringing in more of the kind of people you LOVE.
  • Adjust your customer intake processes and systems so that they’re in line with the brand experience you wish to create.

Get started:

Click here to book a FREE 15-minute consultation call to get a sense of my personality, coaching style and whether or not I’m the best fit for you.

Already know I’m the best fit for you? Use the button below to book your session now. After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email with information on how to book your session along with a link to your pre-session questionnaire so that I’m prepared for our time together.


Think you’ll need ongoing single session support?

If you know you’ll need my support on an ongoing basis, but aren’t ready to commit to the full-immersion package, save on your sessions by booking three in advance. You’ll be able to use these sessions whenever you’d like.


Please note, if you choose to cancel remaining sessions before using all three, you will be billed the regular rate of $295 per individual session already attended and refunded the remaining portion of your payment.

It’s changed my life. It made me became clear on where I am heading with my career and now it’s all falling into place. I can see it going just the way I dreamed of. I’m full of ideas and creativity now and I can put those ideas into practice. I’ve got my fire back. I’m excited, happy and full of energy. Thank you.