Three Tools to Instantly Transform Your Life

I’m constantly reminding my clients of three important tools and mindset shifts that are the foundation for creating the life and happiness they desire. These three tools are so essential, so fundamental and sometimes so hard to remember and implement in our day to day lives.

transform your life

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how to change your life

Video 1: The Nine Words that Will Forever Transform Your Life

The first tool that I’m sharing with you is one I’m incredibly passionate about. Not only does it have the power to completely change your life, the lives of those around you, your relationships, career and anything else that’s causing you dissatisfaction or unhappiness, it has the power to change our world for the better. It’s that transformational.

Chances are, the area of your life in which you’re experiencing the lowest level of satisfaction is likely filled with recurring situations that cause you stress, sadness or frustration. I’ve created this simple, yet incredibly powerful, exercise for you to complete.

how to be happier

Video 2: The Simple Mindset Tool to Instantly Bring More JOY Into Your Life

Are you feeling less than positive about a certain area of your life? Maybe it’s a close relationship, your job, or a recent experience. While I know it can be frustrating to hear in the moment, being positive is incredibly essential to creating a life you truly love.

Being joyful, passionate, fulfilled and having relationships that lift you up begins with your mindset and ability to put a positive foot forward in everything you do.

The first step to shift towards a more positive mindset is becoming aware of your vocabulary and the effect it has on your life, what you attract into it and how joyful you feel. This isn’t always easy and I also know it may sound a little out there to think changing your vocabulary can actually change your life, but I’m living proof that it has tremendous positive effects.

how to reduce stress

Video 3: The Most Essential Shift for Eliminating Stress and Negativity

Many of us experience a lot of fear, worry and stress in our lives, much of which is completely unnecessary. The reason that we experience these feelings is we’re spending far too much time engaged in a negative mind cycle, rather than the present moment.

We’re constantly thinking about the upcoming bills, the “what ifs” of the future, mishaps of the past and what other people are thinking or expect of us. We’re telling ourselves stories and beating ourselves up. This generates a ton of negative emotions! Meanwhile, our life is happening right now and chances are, things are pretty good. Even if it’s not great, it’s likely much more manageable and bearable than what we create in our minds.


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