Stress Management


When I Get Lost, Again, I Do This…

I turn off the lights and close my eyes, only to jump out of bed moments later in search of a specific book. I grab the book, turn the light back on, and climb under the covers again. Three pages and a couple highlighted paragraphs later, I’m searching for my journal and scavenging for the […]


You Have To Be Willing To Let It Burn

I was scrolling through Instagram one morning, half asleep and feeling all the feels, when this quote from Hiba Fatima Ahmad suddenly appeared before me: “How can you rise, if you have not burned?” Perfection. Because my work these past several months has really been about choosing to rise. Choosing to come back from the hardest year and […]


I’m Strong Because I Was Weak

There was a time in my life when I thought a lot about ending it. When I chose to be numb and stop feeling because it was too much to be here. There was a time in my life when I stole and smoked and rarely went to school. When I was drinking and talking […]


The Fall Is Not The Hard Part, This Is

The return… the rise… the comeback. That’s the hard part. You think it’s the cracking open. The moments where the wind leaves your body and you’re brought to your knees. Feeling your heart split as the tears begin to flow. Knowing, in that moment, that nothing will ever be the same again. Losing all sense […]


Sometimes It’s Too Much

The words and the work. The laying my life down in service of something far greater than I may ever know. Sometimes the words start to bubble just below the surface and tickle my tongue, aching to be released. They twist around inside, making me antsy and uncomfortable. If I’m honest I’ll tell you that […]


It’s changed my life. It made me became clear on where I am heading with my career and now it’s all falling into place. I can see it going just the way I dreamed of. I’m full of ideas and creativity now and I can put those ideas into practice. I’ve got my fire back. I’m excited, happy and full of energy. Thank you.