Stress Management


I was broke, overweight, depressed, and… filled with joy.

Today I want to tell you another story… A couple years after throwing everything into a tailspin while trying to “change my life” many years ago, I found myself having just moved to Hawaii with my then boyfriend and living at my parent’s house. I was working full time doing customer service and data entry […]


How to Raise Your Happiness “Set Point”

If you’ve followed me for long, you may know that I wasn’t always the joyful, positive, and passionate person I am today. Quite the opposite! I spent most of my life feeling totally out of place, lost, depressed, and downright pessimistic about life and the world. I truly believed I would never be happy, that […]


How to Get Back to Yourself

One day I was out for a smoothie date with a friend. She’s a mom to two young boys and the youngest wasn’t in school yet, which meant she had to be in mom mode all day long. This particular friend was very passionate about many things, loved life and adventure, and enjoyed getting out […]


How to Make Major Life Changes With Grace and Ease

I’ve been making some major changes recently… moving to Colorado, completely revamping my business, taking on some new work, selling my beloved car and many others. Honestly, it feels like I’ve been in a constant state of change since the start of my quarter-life crisis when I tore apart my perfect little life and began […]


People around me have noticed how “happy” I’ve been lately and I can 100% say that I have never felt more happy, authentic, confident, and healthy as I do now. I am so grateful to Stephenie for helping me begin this journey of self discovery. — Jennifer McAleese