How to Heal and Release What No Longer Serves You

How to Heal and Release What No Longer Serves You

I’m a huge fan of healing and release. As we peel away past layers of ourselves, hurts, limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, and anything else that needs to be cleared, we step more fully into the person we’re here to be in this life. As part of my TAT Acupressure certification, I get to work […]


Permission to Be Ungrateful

Originally published November 21, 2011 As we begin to approach the holiday season, there are a lot of messages about gratitude, giving thanks and showing appreciation popping up all over the internet. I feel like there’s enough quality conversation happening on this topic already, so I want to talk about the perks of being “ungrateful”. […]


What is love?

In the last year, I’ve learned a lot about love and what it means to be in a healthy, loving relationship. So when my brother asked me to do a reading at my older sister’s wedding, I felt compelled to write the following for her and her fiancé. There’s an inside joke mixed in there you may […]


The Power of Integrity in Creating a Life You Love

I used to be a total flake. I would happily make plans in advance, only to cancel last minute with pretty much everyone. When the day or time would roll around, I’d send a quick text message or email with a “I’m just not feeling up to it tonight, sorry!!” Or, “I really want to hang […]


Not only did Stephenie help pinpoint my passions, but she also helped me get started on creating my business. I now know what my passions and purpose are in life and am excited to continue on this path. I have the clarity I so desired before I started this journey. I feel free because I have a deeper sense of self and purpose. — Adlin Cedeno