Stephenie’s Musings


Around Here (Zion National Park)

This past weekend we went to Zion National Park to play with some of my family. Utah is crazy gorgeous, I had no idea. I mean, wow. Driving out of Colorado we stopped in Palisade and bought a case of fresh, juicy, delicious peaches… along with a bunch of peach pastries from a little local […]


Around Here (Sturgis Edition)

Last weekend I went to Sturgis. It was basically the best. It was crazy and crowded and full of bikers from all over the place. While I’m positive there are some scary people that come to Sturgis, I met nothing but the super awesome ones. Really nice men and women from all over the country, of […]


Around Here (#WDS2015 Edition)

I spent the last 10 days in Portland, OR at my all time favorite event, with three of my best friends. It was basically the best ten days ever. This was my third summer in town for World Domination Summit, an event I can only describe as amazing and, “you just have to be there.” It’s a […]


Around Here

I’m in Boulder and life is good. I’m exhausted and worn out from all it took to get myself here, but I’m finally done with Thornton for good. There have been hikes with my favorite friends, and the perfect trail that’s just a five minute walk from my door. Darts, dance parties well into the wee […]


The End of an Era

Dropped off my old apartment keys after moving the last little things this past weekend. It was very anticlimactic. All the office manager said was, “you’re good to go, thanks.” Clearly he had no idea that my moving out of Thornton is like the end of an era. The closing of a very long and frustrating, […]


Since starting this program I am on my way to obtaining my bachelors degree, I have reinvested in my own business, and started really focusing on my fitness. I am much happier and much more productive; laziness is a thing of the past!