How to Uncover Who You’re Here to be and the Work You’re Here to Do

You’ll also learn how to eliminate all obstacles between you and your vision!

Stephenie’s Musings

A look back on 2015…

I’ve been putting off writing my 2015 recap. Because 2015 was a year unlike any other in my life. I mean, what do you say about a year that flattened you before it began, that cracked you open further than you knew you could open, and stripped you to your core through loss after loss? What do … Continue reading A look back on 2015…


Before I started working with Stephenie I felt completely lost. I knew I was meant to do something greater but I just didn’t know which direction I should go. Not only did Stephenie help pinpoint my passions, but she also helped me get started on creating my business. I now know what my passions and purpose are in life and am excited to continue on this path. I have the clarity I so desired before I started this journey. I feel free because I have a deeper sense of self and purpose. I would completely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to feel a sense of freedom, purpose, and the desire to live your best life. Adlin Cedeno | READ MORE

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