Stephenie’s Musings


There’s No Set Timeline

There’s no set timeline. No set timeline for healing and recovering from the losses in this life. No set timeline for reaching our goals and becoming “successful”. No set timeline for loving deeply and meeting the right people. No set timeline for`discovering who we are and what we really want. No set timeline for finding […]


Be Kind. Always.

My Grandma passed away this week. A wonderful woman who was ready to head off into whatever’s next, she went peacefully in her sleep. Honestly, she never quite got over my Grandpa’s passing many years ago, and she just wanted to be with him again. May we all have a love like that in this […]


When the Words Finally Came

I haven’t been able to stop writing. It’s fascinating to me how there are moments that simply shift us. Within seconds, we can go from being one way to being something completely new or different. We just… change. I’m still incredibly sad about the moment that shifted me in ways I’m only beginning to understand. And I’m […]


Colorado Bucket List: Colorado Railroad Museum

I had so much fun at the railroad museum. More fun than most 30 something women probably would. But I love exploring and learning, and there were so many big awesome engines and cars to look at and climb on. If there was a bell to ring, you’d better believe I climbed up there and […]


Around Here…

The last few weeks have been intense, amazing, filled with laughter and tears, overwhelming, and completely unforgettable. There was a plane ride to the farmlands, and a very windy road trip back to my Rocky Mountains with people I adore. There were muggy midwest spring runs, laughter with a new friend in the little local library, and […]


People around me have noticed how “happy” I’ve been lately and I can 100% say that I have never felt more happy, authentic, confident, and healthy as I do now. I am so grateful to Stephenie for helping me begin this journey of self discovery.