LOVE Your Life


When You’re at a Crossroad, You Don’t Always Have to Choose

Sometimes I fall off the radar completely. I become near impossible to reach by phone or text unless you’ve scheduled something. My social media accounts may continue to be updated, but I’m certainly not present. Instagram goes dark. Non essential emails don’t get answered. I just… step back. In those moments it’s incredibly difficult for […]


The Part of Me I Could Never Outrun

I’m not really sure how so much light can come from someone so dark. I was always a little afraid of the “dark and twisties” I think. The space inside of me that feels so deep, shadowy, and boundless… Always certain that if I folded myself down into it and turned inside out, everything would fall away […]


What Will You Be Able To Say?

I want to be bolder and braver with this one life of mine. I want to be able to say that I told the people I love, just how much I love them. And that I loved them with the fullness and enormous capacity my heart has always had. With no conditions, no attachments, and […]


Meaning Is What We Make It

I was recently invited to submit my response to the prompt, “What is one lesson you’ve learned about meaning in life that you want your younger self to know?” Here’s a truth: Everything’s temporary, and nothing really matters. That’s not supposed to be depressing and negative, it’s simply the truth about this life and the […]


I Don’t Have the Words

I haven’t been able to write since late December. At least not in the way I wrote before. While some things have flowed through, many things have not. I’ve been blocked and stuck and stagnant, and it’s been beyond frustrating. Mostly because I feel like I have so much to say. At one point I […]


If you asked me two months ago what topic I wanted to base my business on, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. With her guidance and support, my business is up and running and I have created my Individual Coaching Package and two Transformational Quick-Guides. I’m currently coaching my own clients and there are several other products and packages in the making. The best part is that, by working with Stephenie, I have been able to overcome my own mental blocks so that I now feel so much more in-tune with my own creative flow.