Awesome Life Tips

Awesome Life Tip: Show Your True Self

Show Your True Self

Awesome Life Tip ›› Don’t be afraid to show your true self right when you meet someone new. Yes, you’ll alienate and deter people, but that’s awesome. It’s awesome because it means the wrong people aren’t taking up space in your life. Instead of wasting time with the wrong people, you’re creating space for the right […]

Awesome Life Tip: Focus on Your Genius Zone

Focus on Your Genius Zone

Awesome Life Tip ›› You don’t have to be good at things you’re not good at unless you genuinely want to be. Own your lack of skill in certain areas the same way you own your talents. If you want to get better, then work on those areas. Otherwise, hire it out or delegate. Focus […]

Awesome Life Tip: Honor Your Energy

Honor Your Energy

Awesome Life Tip ›› Honor your natural rhythm and flow. We’re all energetic, cyclical beings, and it’s important to honor and nurture your own individual cycle. Honor your needs when you’re low energy, and nurture your needs when you’re high energy. Rest, connect, express, and introspect as your needs demand. You’ll be happier and healthier […]

Awesome Life Tip: Take Time to Decide

Take Time to Decide

Awesome Life Tip ›› You don’t have to make a decision around something until you’re ready. Whether it’s a financial investment, relationship, job, or anything else. If you don’t know yet, don’t force it. When we force hard decisions we go with what our brain says over our intuition. Give yourself the time and space […]

Awesome Life Tip: Change Takes Commitment

Change Takes Commitment

Awesome Life Tip ›› All lasting change and major shifts start as a conscious choice to make a change. Not a simple declaration of what you want, but a conscious choice made from the depths of your soul to commit to a new way of being. It doesn’t mean change happens instantly, but that level […]


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