Awesome Life Tips

Awesome Life Tip: Wrong Leads to the Right

Wrong Leads to the Right

Awesome Life Tip ›› Sometimes the lessons we learn from investing in someone or something is that it’s not the right route or person for us. While it doesn’t mean it feels awesome, it’s still a valuable lesson. Sometimes it takes hiring the wrong people or signing up for the wrong program is to know […]

Awesome Life Tip: Discomfort Is Worth Connection

Discomfort Is Worth Connection

Awesome Life Tip ›› The more you share your own “stuff” and experiences with others, the more deeply you can connect. We all think we’re the only one going through what we’re going through, but when we shine light on those areas of our lives and selves, we help others feel more hopeful and less […]

Awesome Life Tip: Watch Mind Chatter

Watch Mind Chatter

Awesome Life Tip ›› Anytime you have a clear moment of intuitive guidance, it’s going to be followed by some opposing arguments from your fear based mind and ego. This is normal and is something very important to keep an eye on. Intuition will never steer us wrong, it’s when we let our mind chatter […]

Awesome Life Tip: Never Give Too Much of Yourself

Never Give Too Much of Yourself

Awesome Life Tip ›› It’s not your responsibility to change the course of someone else’s struggles. Help when and where you can, without giving away so much of yourself that you begin to struggle too. Give love and support. Encourage and inspire. Hold space and be fully present with the ones you love… but never […]

Awesome Life Tip: Use Your Intuitive Filter

Use Your Intuitive Filter

Awesome Life Tip ›› Never blindly listen to gurus or experts in any area. Take their wisdom and experience and put it through your intuitive filter to see what resonates and what doesn’t. The people who are successful got to where they are by trusting themselves and doing what worked for them, and you have […]


It’s changed my life. It made me became clear on where I am heading with my career and now it’s all falling into place. I can see it going just the way I dreamed of. I’m full of ideas and creativity now and I can put those ideas into practice. I’ve got my fire back. I’m excited, happy and full of energy. Thank you. — Charlie Oswin