Awesome Life Tips

Awesome Life Tip: When to Push + When to Rest

When to Push + When to Rest

Awesome Life Tip ›› You have to know the difference between when to take a break and rest, and when to push through. There’s a fine line between making excuses or letting yourself off the hook when it gets hard, and actually bordering on having a mental or physical breakdown. Be honest with yourself and […]

Awesome Life Tip: Roll with It

Roll with It

Awesome Life Tip ›› Cut yourself some slack, things don’t always have to be perfect or go according to plan. Life is filled with monkey wrenches and unexpected bumps in the road. The sooner you can learn to roll with them, rather than go into panic mode, the sooner you’ll be able to get things […]

Awesome Life Tip: Tap into Your 'Why'

Tap into Your ‘Why’

Awesome Life Tip ›› Think of a dream or goal you’ve deferred for too long and reconnect with why you feel so called to achieve or create it. Every single day, tap back into this ‘why’ and choose one way you can move forward right then and there. If the next step seems huge, simply […]

Awesome Life Tip: Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord

Awesome Life Tip ›› If you feel dragged down by other people’s energy or experience, you’re likely energetically entangled with them. Close your eyes and envision a cord between you both, wrapping around you the way the energy feels presently, then cut the cord. See yourself standing independent of any cords and radiating your own […]

Awesome Life Tip: Get Still Then Decide

Get Still Then Decide

Awesome Life Tip ›› If you’re trying to make a decision, get quiet and still and reconnect to your body through your senses. Be fully present in this moment, then ask yourself how you feel about each option. Pay attention to which feels expansive and energized and which feels comfortable, stagnant, or closed. Trust in yourself […]


If you asked me two months ago what topic I wanted to base my business on, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. With her guidance and support, my business is up and running and I have created my Individual Coaching Package and two Transformational Quick-Guides. I’m currently coaching my own clients and there are several other products and packages in the making. The best part is that, by working with Stephenie, I have been able to overcome my own mental blocks so that I now feel so much more in-tune with my own creative flow. — Jennifer Twardowski