Awesome Life Tips

Awesome Life Tip: You Don't Have to Power Through

You Don’t Have to Power Through

Awesome Life Tip ›› While there are times when being able to “power through” is awesome and necessary, more often than not you should rethink your approach. Listen to your body and honor it’s needs. Sleep when you’re tired, eat nourishing foods, take a break when you need it, and rest when you’re fatigued. I […]

Awesome Life Tip: Shine Your Light Where You Judge

Shine Your Light Where You Judge

Awesome Life Tip ›› Where you judge others is where you judge yourself. It’s not always easy to see where others are reflecting parts of ourselves back to us, but notice where you judge someone else. What are they reflecting back to you that you judge or don’t like in yourself? How can you shine […]

Awesome Life Tip: Receive the Love

Receive the Love

Awesome Life Tip ›› Learn to receive love and compliments. You’re an amazing individual who’s inherently worthy of love, belonging, acceptance, and adoration. Not being able to receive that love means you don’t receive it from yourself either. It doesn’t make you full of yourself, it makes you even more smart and amazing than you […]

Awesome Life Tip: See Where You Stand

See Where You Stand

Awesome Life Tip ›› Avoiding a situation or experience doesn’t help anything. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just ignorance. Pay attention to what you avoid looking at out of fear, and look. Look at your finances, relationships, work, and health. Seeing where you really stand with things is far more empowering and relieving that you realize, […]

Awesome Life Tip: Forgiveness Is Releasing

Forgiveness Is Releasing

Awesome Life Tip ›› You can’t say you’ve forgiven someone if you refuse to deal with them on any level. While forgiveness doesn’t mean letting the wrong people back in your life, it does mean healing and release. Where are you still triggered by this person? Where are you reacting out of anger or hurt? […]


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