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Awesome Life Tip: Relationships Don't Define Your Life

Relationships Don’t Define Your Life

Awesome Life Tip ›› If you feel like you need to be in a relationship to be happy, then you need to be alone for awhile, or find ways to create the space to focus on yourself. Relationships should add to our lives, not define them or determine happiness levels. Work on being whole and […]

Awesome Life Tip: Stop Hiding Out

Stop Hiding Out

Awesome Life Tip ›› Pay attention to where you’re hiding out in life. Whether it’s the extroverted significant other who takes the lead in social situations, choosing not to put you or your work out into the public eye, or avoiding situations that force you to be seen for who you are. Hiding out doesn’t […]

Awesome Life Tip: Define Yourself

Define Yourself

Awesome Life Tip ›› How do you want to be defined? This isn’t about net worth or success, it’s about the core of who you are. Do you want people to call you generous? Be generous. Do you want people to say you were inspiring? Go out and inspire. Do you want others to say […]

Awesome Life Tip: Nothing's Set in Stone

Nothing’s Set in Stone

Awesome Life Tip ›› If something has been an issue in your life for awhile, it’s time to do something about it. If something’s been an issue and you have tried to do something about it, it’s time to find a teacher, guide, or mentor. Nothing in this life is set in stone unless you […]

Awesome Life Tip: Build Your Support

Build Your Support

Awesome Life Tip ›› Build support into the areas of your life that you need it most. This means letting people know where you need help and support, and allowing them to step in to do so going forward. Whether it’s simply reminding you of what you need to focus on when you start to […]


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