Awesome Life Tips

Awesome Life Tip: Ground Yourself

Ground Yourself

Awesome Life Tip ›› When you have to deal with someone that stresses you out or engage in a charged situation, practice grounding yourself. Visualize yourself being rooted into the earth and actively send the negative energy down and out of your body. When we ground ourselves in the earth’s energy, we’re calmer, more focused, […]

Awesome Life Tip: Shift Your Patterns

Shift Your Patterns

Awesome Life Tip ›› Pay attention to when and how you backtrack away from something you started out completely excited by. What comes up that makes you change your mind? Usually it’s fear, limiting beliefs, and stories that our mind conjures up to keep us feeling safe where we are rather than moving forward. Bring […]

Awesome Life Tip: The Gift of Knowing

The Gift of Knowing

Awesome Life Tip ›› It’s better to know for sure than to assume. Whether it’s asking someone what they’re thinking, taking an honest look at your finances, or calling a doctor to rule something major out, knowing allows you to move forward and make changes accordingly.  Don’t just assume, give yourself the gift of knowing […]

Awesome Life Tip: Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time

Awesome Life Tip ›› Get really honest about how much time you have in a week, and clear on how you use it. Without a clear sense of time and schedule needs, we often find ourselves wasting time, overbooking ourselves, or not getting everything done we need or want to. All it takes is a little […]

Awesome Life Tip: They Come Around

They Come Around

Awesome Life Tip ›› Is there a change you want to see in someone else? Choose to lead by example and inspire them rather then force feed your beliefs. Don’t be pushy, use fear, or try to make them see the light… simply be, and inspire through the choices you make in your life. People […]


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