Hi, my name is Stephenie Zamora and I’m the author of Awesome Life Tips™, creator of My Awesome Life Mastery™, a life and business coach, branding and online marketing strategist, writer, and mixed media artist.

I believe in making a positive impact through everything I do and recognize that doing so begins with people. My philosophy is simple – Men and women who take personal responsibility for creating the lifestyle and careers they desire are happier, healthier, and have a greater impact than those who don’t.

My passion is being creative and I express my desire to make a difference through building businesses, designing websites, establishing positive-cause brands, developing products and programs, writing, and mixed media art. I put relationships, making a difference and living my best, healthiest, and happiest life first, but I’m happy to say that doing so affords me opportunities for partnering with amazing individuals and earning a living doing work I love.

For example…

As you can see, I mean it when I say I’m multi-passionate! But at the core of everything I do is the belief in making a difference in the lives of others so that we can all go on and positively impact, while contributing to, our world.

My Personal Journey…

When I was 21, I had everything I thought I ever wanted.  I had just graduated from college at the top of my class, landed an amazing job at a local graphic design firm, bought a brand new townhouse, lived with my boyfriend of almost seven years, and drove a shiny little car in my own name.

On the outside it appeared I was doing everything right for my age, and honestly, a lot better than my peers. The life I created impressed others and made people proud of me, but despite outward appearances, I was absolutely miserable.

I knew the guy I shared a home with was not “the one.”  I found that the great job, despite excellent pay and awesome projects, didn’t make me happy.  I felt financially trapped by the house, the car, and the “perfect little life” I created… I basically felt nothing in my life was right, deeply unfulfilled and isolated with absolutely no clue what to do about any of it!

I tried resolving the growing discomfort with several new jobs, all ridiculously fabulous with increased salary and clout. I ended my relationship, jumped into a new one, and threw myself into a whirlwind of painful changes and serious stress.

No matter what I did, something deep inside me just wasn’t having any of it.

Two years after this intense period began, I awoke on my birthday more miserable and depressed than ever. I had gained weight, lost all sense of myself, and had zero passion for anything in life. I was experiencing the quarter-life crisis, and it was bad.

What I did on that day marked the start of a life changing process for me… I asked myself what I thought I needed to feel happy, healthy and deeply fulfilled. Not only did I ask this, but I finally got really HONEST with myself.

It took me a few more years before I got really clear on what I wanted and figured out how in the world I’d make it happen… after all, I was stumbling around with no direction, no support and no clear plan for what the heck I was supposed to be doing!

During this difficult period of my life, I truly believed I would never be happy. I believed I was simply not built for it and it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I thought life would always be a struggle and would pass by right before my eyes with absolutely no say on my part.

My life is completely different now.

I have never, in my entire life, felt so SOLID in myself. I feel as if I’m bubbling over with a joy that stems from deep inside my soul. My heart is open, my life is filled with amazing, loving and unbelievably supportive people, and I know exactly who I am and what I want.

I also know exactly what I need to do to get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still experience obstacles and upsets in my life, but I also truly understand what unshakable joy feels like. I no longer battle with varying levels of depression. I bounce back almost instantly from challenges and I live my life with passion, zest, and constant inspiration.

I work from home, run several businesses around the things that I love, and spent almost five years living in beautiful Hawaii, just minutes from the ocean. I don’t say any of this to brag, but simply to prove to you that it IS possible to go from stressed and unhappy to joyful, fulfilled, and living your life FULL OUT and FULLY EXPRESSED!

While Hawaii was AH-MAZING and life changing, a moment of divine inspiration on a plane ride sparked a recent move back to colorful Colorado. It was time to come back and being so deeply connected to myself and my intuition, I made an easy transition back to the mainland. The best part? Being able to take my business with me!

One of the best outcomes of this journey has been building a business I LOVE that allows me to serve and support other passionate individual looking to make a difference in the world, on my terms. I work when I want, where I want and have created the space in my life to do the things I love on a daily basis. I could not be more grateful for my life and the amazing people and experiences in it.

Purpose and Personal Responsibility…

While I’ve always been naturally strong at the concepts of personal responsibility, it wasn’t until I discovered Jack Canfield’s Success Principles that I really began to make noticeable shifts in my life.

Two chapters of his book profoundly impacted my life…

The first chapter focused on taking total responsibility for everything in my life. Jack’s basic concept of E + R = O (Event + Reaction = Outcome) was the basis for my transformation towards creating a life of freedom, happiness and positive results. I began asking myself the very powerful question, “What did I do to allow this to happen?” for absolutely EVERYTHING that came into my life. Before I knew it, there wasn’t a SINGLE THING I could possibly blame someone or something else for. What an amazingly FREEING experience!

The second chapter was titled, Be Clear Why You’re Here and talked about purpose. It was through the simple exercise in this chapter, paired with taking the Passion Test online at PassionTestOnline.com that I crafted my mission statement:

My mission is to use my mind and creativity, through businesses, art, writing and leading by example, to teach and inspire personal responsibility and gratitude in others, along with the goal of becoming the best, healthiest and happiest person they can possibly be.

Powerful. When I read this aloud to myself for the first time I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was exactly what I was called to do.

Creating change and positive shifts in the world…

I’m on a mission to help you become the best, healthiest and happiest person you can possibly be by helping you find your passion and build a life and/or business around it!

When you’re living your best life, you feel fulfilled, passionate, alive and you know that you’re making a direct, meaningful contribution to the world. Your relationships are deeper and you experience a whole new level of connection with people and the planet. I truly believe that personal responsibility has the power to change the world.

Your role in this global transformation is just as important as mine and it all starts with creating a life of health, happiness, positivity and total ownership.

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Still curious about me?

Here are some random tidbits to hold you over…

  • I spell my name with three Es and telling people “Steven-ie” helps them remember (and laugh). Twilight author Stephenie Meyer copied me (obviously).
  • I eat ice cream with a fork.
  • I have a 1975 Corvette Stingray named Victoria.
  • I’m so clumsy I can roll my ankle on an elliptical. Yes, that exercise machine that you don’t even have to lift your feet off of to use. I’ve since learned how to get up and balance on a medicine ball with one leg (like a true circus animal).
  • I’m an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • I taught myself to develop custom WordPress websites one random “I wonder what this will do” tweak at a time. Anything’s possible my friends.
  • My first ever website was designed entirely in Flash and can be viewed here.
  • I’m a mom to two crazy cat kids… Mad Max and Dexter.
  • I graduated a year early from high school.
  • I grew up mostly in New Mexico and am a sucker for anything with GOOD green chile on it (none of that canned, flavorless stuff).
  • I don’t use my pinkies for anything, even typing (weird, I know).
  • I would make an excellent getaway driver.
  • I’m quite possibly the most curious person you’ve ever met. For every one thing you say to me, I have at least five more questions for you.
  • I could live off Thai food and Jamba Juice. Easily.

Since starting this program I am on my way to obtaining my bachelors degree, I have reinvested in my own my business, and started really focusing on my fitness. I am much happier and much more productive; laziness is a thing of the past! — Kristina Dahlgren