How to Uncover Who You’re Here to be and the Work You’re Here to Do

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Hi, my name is Stephenie Zamora!

I’m many things. Mostly I’m a woman who refuses to be defined by the boxes our parents, authority figures, or society built for us as individuals, business owners, creatives, and healers.

I’m a life coach, business/branding/marketing strategist, website designer, WordPress developer, speaker, and content creation machine. I’m a writer, mixed media artist, ameature filmmaker, and storyteller. I’m an energy healer, beginner tarot reader, empath, and intuitive. I’m a revolutionary and an activist, as well as a lover of animals, people, and our beautiful planet. I’m a survivor of suicide loss (and the most gut-wrenching grief), emotional abuse, eating disorders, and extreme exhaustion in the form of adrenal fatigue.

I’m also the author of Awesome Life Tips®, as well as the creator of Foundations for Unshakable Joy™ and Your Passion-Based Business™. But mostly, I’m passionate, purpose-driven, and living a life and business designed around my highest values: freedom, service, personal responsibility, and full creative expression.

But, I wasn’t always this way… I was once a believer of the lies and pre-packaged paradigms that were force fed down my throat as I grew up and began navigating the world as an adult.

You see, when I was 21 years old, I had everything I thought I ever wanted.

I had just graduated from college at the top of my class, had an amazing job at a local graphic design firm in downtown Denver, CO, and was living in the brand new townhouse I bought months earlier with my high school sweetheart of almost seven years… I even had a shiny little car in my own name parked in our garage.

I was doing everything right for my age, and honestly, a lot better than my peers. People were proud of me and the life I had created… I knew this from the pile of graduation and “yay, you bought a house” cards that littered the desk of my home office where I was already hard at work starting my first design business.

Despite outward appearances — despite having everything I set out to achieve far earlier than most people dream of — I was absolutely, undeniably miserable.

I knew the guy I shared my home with wasn’t “the one” as our relationship became highly toxic and emotionally abusive. I was finding that the great job, despite excellent pay and amazing projects, didn’t make me happy. I felt financially trapped by the house, the car, and the “perfect little life” I had created… I basically felt like nothing in my life was right, deeply unfulfilled and isolated, with absolutely no clue what to do about any of it.

I tried resolving the growing discomfort with several new jobs, all ridiculously fabulous with increased salary and clout. I ended my relationship, jumped into a new one, and threw myself into a whirlwind of painful changes and serious stress.

But no matter what I did, something deep inside me just wasn’t having any of it.

Two years after this intense period began, I awoke on my birthday more miserable and depressed than ever. I had gained weight, lost all sense of myself, and had zero passion for anything in life. I was still in a job that didn’t fulfill me, with a man that wasn’t the right fit, and living a life that made me feel trapped, miserable, and incredibly exhausted.

I moved across the ocean to Hawaii, struggled and strained to start two different businesses, read more self help books than I can count, and continued flailing around trying to “find myself” and “change my life” for a several more years. No matter what I seemed to do, happiness, passion, joy, and fulfillment continued to elude me.

Instead, I found myself in another toxic and unhappy relationship, started obsessing about my body and gained 30lbs despite starving myself, and struggled so hard financially that at one point I was three months behind on all my bills (which, if you’re wondering, is how long you have before they shut your power off in Hawaii).

During this difficult period of my life, I truly believed I would never be happy. I believed I simply wasn’t built for it and it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I thought life would always be a struggle and would pass by right before my eyes with absolutely no say on my part. All I wanted was to make a difference in the world, but I was beginning to believe I wasn’t anyone at all.

Thankfully, my life is completely different now.

Honestly, the person I was then wouldn’t recognize the person I am now.

Today I live outside Boulder, CO and am surrounded by the most amazing tribe a girl could ask for, with friends who truly “get,” know, and support me on a deep level. I’ve built a business that combines all my passions, skills, and interests, and allows me to live my life in alignment with my highest values. I met the love of my life, a true partner and soulmate, who loves me deeply and pushes me to be the best version of myself… and who has walked with me through my most painful chapters. I work with phenomenal clients all around the world, and I do it from home, at a coffee shop, on the beach if I so choose, or co-working with brilliant friends.

I rock climb, trail run, and have settled into a loving relationship with myself and my body. I write from the heart, self published my first book and am working on a second, am getting certified in Acupressure and Journey Healing Work, have developed offerings that bring me so. much. joy. to deliver, and wake up every single day excited about what lies ahead.

I’m clear on who I am, the work I’m here to do, and I love my life so much that I often find myself laughing and crying at the same time.

It’s disgustingly awesome, I know.

I’ve become that obnoxiously positive and happy person who loves her life and everything in it. Even when things get hard, when I’ve lost people close to me and have struggled in my life or business, I’m still beyond in love with life. I no longer struggle with varying levels of depression, and instead live from a space of pure joy that stems from deep inside my soul.

It took me nearly seven years to even begin descending down a path that allowed me to create this amazing life I have now. I fought tooth and nail against what felt like an army of naysayers to get here. Family, “friends,” partners, bosses, clients, society, and even mentors and coaches. I refused to believe that I had to live my life according to predetermined paradigms, old school beliefs, or blueprints that didn’t feel aligned with my heart and soul.

That fierce dedication to live a life fully expressed is the only reason I’m standing where I stand today, and I won’t even begin to pretend like the journey was easy or without tears.

There were many tears.
Soooo many tears.

There were meltdowns and restless nights. Towels thrown in, only to be picked back up despite the exhaustion that was eating at my bones. There were times when I was so far from graceful. When I hurt others, fell short, lost everything, and let everyone down. When I got angry or frustrated or threw things around my apartment. There were the moments and losses and failures that took the wind straight from my body and brought me to my knees.

But I never stopped.
I never gave up.

And when mentors and coaches and brilliant masterminds or friends told me “you can’t do that,” I leaned into my truth even further and said, “watch me.” Learning to honor myself and my own path has made all the difference, and I’m passionate about showing others how to do the same.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past six years, helping them create lives and businesses around their passions, quickly, easily, and with loads of joy.

Whether you’re struggling with grief, depression, or anxiety and you’re ready to be freeyou’re feeling lost, stuck, or lacking fulfillment in your life, work, and relationships… or you’re ready to be of greater service to the world by building a business around your unique passions and personality… my five step signature process is PROVEN, time and time again, and is at the core of all the work we do together:

  1. Rediscover + Reconnect with Yourself
  2. Uncover Your Passions + Align Your Life
  3. Craft Your Life + Business Vision
  4. Create Your Online Presence
  5. Make Money Doing What You Love

I’m not your average business coach, brand strategist, or online marketer… I teach my clients Intuitive Branding, Marketing and Business Building, which allows them to create a unique business that’s truly aligned with who they are, the work that lights them up, and who they deeply want to serve. No generic blueprints or strategies. I truly believe no matter what your passions, personality, or big dream/vision, there’s a business model, marketing strategy, and audience for you.

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Still curious about me?

Here are some random tidbits to hold you over…

  • I spell my name with three Es and telling people “Steven-ie” helps them remember (and laugh). Twilight author Stephenie Meyer copied me (obviously).
  • I eat ice cream with a fork.
  • I have a 1975 Corvette Stingray named Victoria.
  • I’m so clumsy I can roll my ankle on an elliptical. Yes, that exercise machine that you don’t even have to lift your feet off of to use. I’ve since learned how to get up and balance on a medicine ball with one leg (like a true circus animal).
  • I’m an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • I taught myself to develop custom WordPress websites one random “I wonder what this will do” tweak at a time. Anything’s possible my friends.
  • My first ever website was designed entirely in Flash and can be viewed here.
  • I’m a mom to two crazy cat kids… Mad Max and Dexter.
  • I graduated a year early from high school.
  • I grew up mostly in New Mexico and am a sucker for anything with GOOD green chile on it (none of that canned, flavorless stuff).
  • I don’t use my pinkies for anything, even typing (weird, I know).
  • I would make an excellent getaway driver.
  • I’m quite possibly the most curious person you’ve ever met. For every one thing you say to me, I have at least five more questions for you.
  • I could live off Thai food and Jamba Juice. Easily.

Professional Bio

Stephenie is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, a full-service, life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Here she merges the worlds of personal development, branding, and online marketing to help men and women build passion-based lives and businesses. Stephenie created her business with a simple philosophy: Individuals who take personal responsibility for creating the lives and careers they desire are happier and healthier, and have a greater impact, than those who don’t. She is the author of Awesome Life Tips® and creator of Your Passion-Based Business™. Her articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, Positively Positive, and Brian Tracy International. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or at



It’s changed my life. It made me became clear on where I am heading with my career and now it’s all falling into place. I can see it going just the way I dreamed of. I’m full of ideas and creativity now and I can put those ideas into practice. Before, I thought we may split. I was worried about money, but since being grateful for what I have, I have received more. The biggest thing I took away was growing spiritually with more inner peace and gratitude, and being able to really see my future clearly. I’ve got my fire back. I’m excited, happy and full of energy. Thank you. Charlie Oswin | READ MORE

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