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As you may or may not know, it’s that time of year again. What time of year is that? B-School launch time! I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my experience with Marie Forleo’s B-School and whether or not I’d recommend it. The short answer is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. It’s amazing and I highly recommend it. To hear more about why… keep reading. :) I’m also offering a very special package and opportunity to work with me to those who sign up using my affiliate link. Details below.

First… a little back story.

I came across Marie many years ago and won a free ticket to her live event in 2010. It was a life changing weekend for me and I learned so much in just two days. While there, I got to listen to the amazing women who had participated in her mastermind program for the previous year. I knew immediately, that this was a woman I HAD to work with. I applied and was accepted to her 2011 mastermind program.


Working directly with Marie and 20 other driven, amazing and passionate female entrepreneurs completely changed my life and my business. Before this, I had a design business that wasn’t going anywhere. Sure, we did good work and our client base was growing slowly… but it wasn’t something I wanted and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Marie and the other mastermind ladies helped me not only discover what it is I’m truly passionate about, but helped me build it into something profitable in under a year. Since then, I’ve more than doubled my income and have created the truly fulfilling and profitable business you see today.

Part of being in her mastermind program included access to B-School. I was thrilled to be able to utilize this program… and let me tell you, it is just as amazing as it sounds. I’ve personally gone through B-School twice and fully intend to do it again this year. Every time I work through the program, I get even clearer on what I want to create in my business and who I want to serve. I also begin to grow at an amazing rate, personally and professionally.

What’s better? The community is amazing. Seriously, it’s unbelievable how many caring, supportive, inspiring and passionate individuals are in this group! And it’s a BIG group, but the sub groups that have been formed over the years are intimate and highly supportive. I love, love, love this group.

Your Questions, My Answers

What is B-School?

B-School is a virtual business course run by online marketing genius Marie Forleo. Marie is a phenomenal mentor, and I speak from personal experience having worked with her directly for almost a year. Even better, Marie walks the talk. She’s built a highly profitable business around what she LOVES, building every aspect of her unique personality into it. Not only does she encourage you to do the same (be YOU completely), she shows you exactly how to do it.

Who is B-School for?

B-School is for those that already have a business, or have an idea of what they want their business to be. However, I will say that if you’re planning to start a business “in the near future” and you can afford the investment, GRAB IT NOW. We’ll focus on figuring out what your business is through my bonus package below.

The tools in this program will serve you and your business for life, so I recommend grabbing it now and utilizing it when you’re ready. However, note that the content in this program assumes you already have a business.

Why do I recommend it?

The foundation for how I built my business to what and where it is today is a direct result of what I learned in B-School. In 2011 I more than doubled my income. In 2012 and 2013 I increased my income further, grew my client base,  and expanded my reach and audience well beyond what it was each prior year. I’ve launched two successful programs, built a solid email list, got invited to blog for The Huffington Post and Positively Positive, and already have some pretty exciting things lined up for this coming year.

B-School helped me get super clear on what my business is about, who my ideal clients and customers are, and how to BEST serve them.

If you think online marketing is icky, I promise you’re going to LOVE this program. Marketing is about communicating that you have a solution to the issues and problems that your ideal clients and customers have. It’s not about being salesy, tricky or anything like that… it’s about CONNECTION, and Marie understands and teaches exactly that.

I also highly recommend it for the community alone. The men and women that Marie attracts are inspiring, passionate, driven, caring and supportive. Have a question, need feedback or just want to know you’re not alone on this journey? The B-Schoolers in the online Facebook group have your back. Many B-Schoolers have built their business from this community alone, it’s phenomenal.

What’s included?

There’s so much goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. Marie has some talented friends and colleagues that provide amazing supplemental bonuses.

Additionally here’s a look at the main modules:

  1. Profit Clarity
  2. Websites That Sell and Don’t Suck
  3. Slam Dunk Communication Plan
  4. List Building Mania
  5. How to Create Products and Services That Practically Sell Themselves
  6. Timeless Marketing Wisdom That Works Across Every Industry

Each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists and worksheets designed to knock your customers’ pants off (figuratively speaking, of course). Members will access the private B-School members’ site 24/7 to view the training videos, post their homework, ask questions and compare notes with classmates.

There are two implementation weeks where you can focus on doing the work in your business. Marie also does weekly coaching calls and additional strategic calls such as live website reviews which provide incredible insight into what really works.

Complete access to ALL my products and programs, AND work with me for FREE.

I’ve created this special B-School offer just for you.

Use my affiliate link to sign up for B-School and you’ll receive the following:

  • A year long membership to My Awesome Life Mastery™. This year long mastery group gives you complete access to my products and programs, monthly group coaching calls, a tribe of like-minded people on the same journey as you, and everything you need to build a life and business you love. And I do mean everything! You’ll receive over $15,000 in value with this membership alone. Click here to learn more about what you get with your FREE Mastery membership!
    (please note, if you already have a Mastery membership, you’ll receive one additional year for free and not a refund on your current membership).
  • Access to my new program, Your Passion-Based Business. As I said above, B-School assumes you already have a business, and while it offers some guidance on how to find the right business for you, it doesn’t walk you through those initial steps. I’ve been coaching passionate individuals to become profitable entrepreneurs for the last two years. From my one-on-one time, I’ve developed a SOLID process that takes you from “this is what I’m passionate about, what the heck to I do with it?” to building a complete online business and serving your first clients and customers! I’m talking everything from setting up  your business, choosing a model, creating products/services/programs, content creation, building an audience and email list, crafting a solid marketing strategy and getting your first clients and customers. Absolutely everything you need to build a passion-based business, while also setting yourself up to better utilize a program like B-School, for FREE.
  • Access to a private 8-week mastermind group with myself and others who sign up for B-School using my affiliate link. As I said above, I’ll be working through B-School again this year and will serve as your guide, coach and biggest cheerleader as you work through the materials alongside me. It’s a great way to get an inside look at my business and how I intend to grow it this coming year. This mastermind group will run live with the B-School program and will include weekly group calls, a private Facebook group and as much support as you need during our time together.

Marie is running a free training series right now, so I encourage you to check it out! The lessons you’ll receive from this series will have a huge impact on your business.

B-School is open for enrollment! Be sure to click here to sign up through my affiliate code and receive access to this awesome offer!

Have a question I didn’t answer?

Leave a comment below or send me an email, I’m happy to help determine if this     package is the right fit for you. :)

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If you asked me two months ago what topic I wanted to base my business on, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. With her guidance and support, my business is up and running and I have created my Individual Coaching Package and two Transformational Quick-Guides. I’m currently coaching my own clients and there are several other products and packages in the making. The best part is that, by working with Stephenie, I have been able to overcome my own mental blocks so that I now feel so much more in-tune with my own creative flow. — Jennifer Twardowski