28 Days of Self Care :: Day 9

Week 2, day 2! It was a very full one for me…

My full morning routine: I didn’t get around to writing in my journal until later in the evening, but it was very inspired! Lots of ideas bubbling out of me today. I did a short meditation, but no real exercise today. Though, I did run back and forth from my car several times today. ;)

Do something creative, every day: Today I did some writing which turned into a blog post… I also made one of my digital quote collages for the post. Click the image to read it and see the graphic larger. :) I made a list of all the DIY things I plan to do around this place as well!

How was day 9 for you?

Still holding strong as this second week progresses? Any obstacles you’ve encountered? Seeing any results or shifts? I definitely credit my surge in productivity and idea generation to journaling.

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10 Responses to 28 Days of Self Care :: Day 9

  1. Jodi Chapman says:

    Well… the good news is that I meditated for 5 minutes today. :) The not-so-great news is that I didn’t yesterday.

    I am realizing more and more that I put self care on the bottom of my list – something that I definitely want to change.

    So even though I have missed 2 days, it’s really been a wake up call for me.

    And tomorrow is a new day!

    P.S. – What a beautiful collage. :)

  2. Meg says:

    Love your gorgeous collage …

    I fit my yoga in in the morning … Was kind of interesting doing it with my girls coming up for cuddles and clambering over me lol …

  3. Favi says:

    Day 9, still going strong : ) My meditation practice is getting stronger, meditation took place again during my commute on the train. I seem to really be focused with my breathing and mantra during the ride. I decided to get the writing done right away so that was the first thing I did before I started looking at spreadsheets. Yoga at the Sivananda Center (Chicago)

  4. Kayla says:

    I had a really long work day yesterday and realized the stress and long hours was catching up with me when a client asked me if I was okay because I looked “puffy” as if I’d been crying or tired (and I hadn’t been crying)–YIKES! So, this morning, all I felt like doing was watching TV shows on the DVR and cuddling with my dog. I felt a little guilty about it after an hour and made it a point to at least go chant before I took a shower. Chanting inspired me to do one journaling question, which happened to be “Describe Your Ideal Day”. This made me realize that what I really am craving is time, rest, and open space. It was great to realize that everything I’d want to do on an ideal day was absolutely possible–it didn’t require much money, travel, or effort. It was mostly being at home, which shocked me. So, I took that information and said no to a work request I got this morning. I felt a little guilty saying no at first, but I have to say I’m relieved and feel good about being good to myself. I usually go to yoga tonight, but instead I need open time with my husband, so we are going to hang out and go for a walk with our dog!

    • This is an awesome update Kayla! Love that you chanted despite not being in the mood and how that led into writing in your journal. And what a big discovery! Time, rest and open space. Keep that top of mind as we work through this challenge. :) xo

  5. Kel says:

    I’ve have a friend visiting for this week and yesterday I invited her to do yoga with me. She liked it so much she ASKED for it today. :D
    While I did start this challenge 2 days late, I haven’t missed a day of yoga yet and I’m getting my friend to do it too.
    If only my kids would join in.

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