How to Be 100% Prepared to Make 2012 Your BEST Year Ever

As another year comes to a close, this is a natural time to do some reflecting and planing. I personally take myself through an “annual review” in which I take an audit of where I’m at in my life, what I accomplished, what I didn’t accomplish and begin to create plans and systems for the year ahead. I originally heard of this concept from Chris over at Art of Non-Conformity and have since adapted it to my own personal process.

I think this is an essential step that most people bypass.

They dive straight into resolutions and goals… but when you haven’t taken an honest assessment of how the last year, resolutions and goals went, you’re likely to simply repeat whatever cycle you’ve been living. I’ve personally heard people in my life repeat the same resolution year after year. If they had, however, taken the time to really reflect on what they set out to do and why they did or did not accomplish it, they would be in a position to celebrate the past year as well as create new goals and resolutions to continue moving forward.

How to Conduct Your Own Review

1) What did you accomplish this past year?

It’s so important to acknowledge all the big and small things that you accomplished or experienced over the year. You’ve done far more than you give yourself credit for and RIGHT NOW is the time to really reflect and appreciate these wins.

I want you to list out AT LEAST 25 things that you accomplished in this past year!

2) What did you set out to do, but did not accomplish? Why not?

If you want to make progress on your dreams and goals, you have to honestly assess what you did not accomplish and WHY. It’s so important to understand the why! Maybe the goal was far too lofty or you realized you just didn’t have any interest in completing it after all. If you want to acheive what you set out to do in 2012, you really need to understand what prevented you from doing so this past year. Then you can work to avoid obstacles and roadblocks going forward!

I want you to list out all the things you set out to achieve but didn’t, and more importantly, WHY you didn’t. This is a no judgement zone. Do NOT feel guilty or like you’ve failed! It’s a waste of precious energy that could be put towards creating success in the days to come.

3) Select a word for 2012.

The way to ensure that you experience the things you want to experience, live the life you desire and make amazing things happen is to create a theme for the year to come. What do you want to feel and experience next year? What do you want the tone of your life to be for the next 12 months? What is a word that captures the essence of all of this?

For me, 2012 is going to be the year of abundance, financially and beyond. I intend to experience abundance in my relationships, my work, my bank accounts, my happiness levels and the miracles and magic I experience in collaboration with others and the universe.

Take some time to think about what you want to feel and experience, then find ONE WORD that sums it up. Write this out and paste it above your work station or on your bathroom mirror.

4) Set goals that propel you forward.

Now that you know what you want to feel and experience in your life, what goals will support that in all areas of your life? Let’s take my word for example… abundance. For me to feel and experience this in 2012, I need to put the proper financial systems into place, get clear on what projects and clients I want to work on, what relationships in my life to cultivate and how to integrate more of the things that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Knowing this allows me to set goals that keep me inspired and focused for the next year. It gets me clear on what I need to STOP doing, who I need to STOP seeing and what things are counterproductive to abundance. It helps me choose goals that MATTER, that are important to me and will allow me to create the life I really want.

NO RESOLUTIONS. These are usually just things you “think” you should do and that is the very reason you likely won’t achieve them. All this does is set  you up for disappointment in yourself, leaving you paralyzed and frustrated.

Goals that propel you forward are ones that EXCITE you. They will leave you feeling accomplished, inspired and energized when you reach them. Instead of “lose 10lbs,” how about run a marathon this year? Instead of “make X more money,” how about create and sell that product, artwork or other item that you’ve been longing to produce your whole life? The difference is that you will achieve the mundane goal in the process, but you will feel so much more compelled to do so because you’ve created a goal that inspires you.

Take action NOW!

I want you to share some or all of the following with me in the comments:

1) GLOAT. What did you accomplish in 2011? Hold nothing back, I want to celebrate with you!!

2) What did not go well in 2011? What did you learn when you asked yourself WHY?

3) What is your word for 2012?

4) Share with me one goal that will propel you forward next year?

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20 Responses to How to Be 100% Prepared to Make 2012 Your BEST Year Ever

  1. Cris Gladly says:

    My word is ADVENTURE! And I’m super excited about it b/c my life has never really had adventure in it before. But I feel that word rising about all other options with clear distinction.

    I love this post. I’ve been doing something similar myself. What I did was look at the goals I had and then I took a hard honest look at the actions I took in my life and looked for where those actions were out of alignment (or in many cases in complete and total opposition/opposite) with my desired outcome. Kind of hard to say waa-waa-waa, I didn’t get what I wanted when my behavior could only bring about the opposite.

    This year, I’m reverse engineering a bit. What do I want, and what behaviors would I have to take to truly get myself to that outcome. Now … it’s not up to the Universe or the fates. it’s up to me. Every action (or inaction) I make is a CHOICE. I’m totally accountable now for what I accomplish in 2012.

    ADVENTURE!! Sooooo ready for it! ;)

    Happy New Year to you, Stephenie!!! :D Great post.

    • I love this Cris!!! I’m positive your 2012 will be filled with some amazing adventures. :) And that’s awesome that you took the time to be honest about where your actions were out of alignment. It’s always worth it because now you know what you need to be doing! So excited for you. Happy New Year to you as well! xo

  2. Karie Hill says:

    After going back and forth for almost 3 years, I finally put my house up for rent so I have the freedom to move to a city. It was rented out within 3 weeks!!

    My word for 2012: Connected

    One goal: Create an affordable program to teach women how to get out of debt. I want my message to reach thousands of women this year.

    Great post! I love the idea of a word for 2012.

    • I am so excited about your house situation Karie!! You are going to rock it in the city next year. :) Love your word and LOVE your goal. I cannot wait for you to have a program so that you are so much more accessible to all the women who need your brilliance! xoxo

  3. Shay says:

    Love this post Stephenie! My word is FUN. I need some time to work on the others.

  4. Jason M says:

    I forgot the word I told to you. Something relating to accomplishment which is fairly ambiguous.

    I realized today that it is diffucult to be in the present. I constantly rehearse telling a story while I experience it. Like a photographer that only sees the sunset though his camera. Its a slighted experience I do it to myself. The horizon I’m going to chase then, is living in the present tense. If you can think of a word for that fire it my way.

    • Oooh, learning how to live in the present moment is something I finally mastered (always room for growth) this past year. It’s amazing how it changes everything in your life. Less stress, worry, frustration. You’re just here, in this moment, giving it all that you’ve got. The trick is to begin training yourself to stay out of your head. If you’re thinking about something, or telling yourself a story like you said, you’ve left the moment and you’re missing everything that’s happening in it. A trick I learned is to use your senses to guide yourself back when you notice.

      One way is to say “I’m back” out loud. By speaking and hearing yourself, you break that thought cycle. Or just noticing your breath as you inhale and exhale, what smells are in the air, what textures you can feel, etc. Practice makes perfect! Maybe your word should just be “present” for 2012. Show up at each moment! The past is over, let it go and just be here with whoever or whatever you’re doing 100%! :)

  5. antonio says:

    My word for 2012 is trance-formation!


    P.S. Lets get Hypnosis and NLP to rock it in 2012 in Hawaii!

  6. Apple Arcallana says:

    Nuckz! This post is very useful & helpful means of reminding people who are planning or those who want there 2012 become more memorable & fulfilling than before. My 2012 word is FOCUS. As what I can assess lack of focus on the things that really matter was the reason why I failed to accomplish the essential things last 2011. I agree with you I didn’t fully understand the why! But now I realized & learned from my failures, on the wrong decisions I made. And now I am very optimistic and confident that this coming year 2012 would be very full of excitement and challenging events that could help me improve myself, learn new things and have worthwhile experiences. Then, I could only make these happen if I will have the focus and the initiative to get things started ‘coz I do believe that action is the foundational key to success!
    Thanks :D
    Happy holidays Ms. Stephenie! more power ..

    • Love this Apple! I’m so glad that you were able to take an honest look at why things didn’t work out this past year. It’s so beneficial! You are totally ready to rock 2012! Love the word focus. :) Thank you and happy holidays right back at you! Excited to see what 2012 has in store for us all. xo

  7. Mike says:

    My word is definitely “Follow-through”

  8. Jason M says:

    I apply the EXACT same method to trading. When I feel frustrated or defeated by the market I say how I am feeling out loud to bring the emotions to a conscious level and push them aside (they’re really no help!) I will expand that practice to experiencing things in the now. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Aw man I totally had a great response to this post but for some reason it didn’t load (think it was a problem on my end).

    Main points:

    I LOVE the word of the year and am with Karie. Connection. Connection to myself, the universe and every soul I come in contact with :).

    Thanks for this!

    • Awe Nichole, that’s the worst!!! I love your comments too. :) Love your version of Connection for the word. Connection to yourself, powerful. You are amazing and I know this next year will be your best year every. So glad to be on this journey with you! xoxo

  10. First between your blog and Chris’s it was becoming very clear that this review idea was something I should definitely try. I am up extremely early this morning, but since I could not sleep I completed my review and wow was it liberating!

    So here is my review in a very condensed form:

    1.Started a blog, started an online t-shirt shop, and started feeding my passion for travel/adventure.

    2.Various things did not go well, from school to personal relationships. The why is a combination of procrastination and letting negativity get the best of me.

    3.My word for 2012 is CONFIDENCE. I have managed in the last couple of years to lose appreciation in myself. I have given so much of myself to others I lost track of me. Looking back a couple of years ago I was a very confident individual, and I now it’s time to start gaining some of that confidence back.

    4.I kind of cheated since I already began, but I plan on fully launching my brand. I also plan on enjoying more of myself, my daughter, and life!

    • Awesome Jeremy!! CONGRATS on the t-shirt shop and feeding your passion. Love it. I’m glad you were able to discover why things did not go well, so helpful for the year to come. And LOVE your word! Confidence!! I have a post coming out on confidence soon… it’s really just about OWNING who you are, what you’re feeling and what YOUR experience is. You got this. Happy New Year!!!

  11. Stacie Mahoe says:

    1) My husband and I set a goal to earn more income in 2011 than we ever have before as well as pay off half our debt (we had a specific number in mind which was an increase of 37% over our previous high). We did both!

    We also spent a lot of time TALKING about getting back on track in fitness and nutrition. In December, we finally took some big steps to really get back on track in those areas!

    I earned an increase in compensation for the work I do.

    We bought a car that fits our entire family in in with cash. No car loan for that purchase! The vehicles we had before that did not have enough seats for our family.

    We did not use credit cards at all in 2011.

    2) What did not go well in 2011? What did you learn when you asked yourself WHY? We sometimes fell off track with our focus on our financial plan. I learned that I can stay more focused on the making the right day to day decisions when I take a look at our bigger written goals more often. When I have those longer term goals, what we’re working toward more present in my mind, it’s easier to stay on track on a daily basis.

    3) What is your word for 2012? I have 3 actually that I’ve been thinking daily without really thinking about it or trying to make it my motto for the year, it just keeps popping up in my head every time I hear people talking about 2012 => Make It Great!
    (very different from “I hope 2012 is good to me.”)

    4) Share with me one goal that will propel you forward next year? Take more time to plan ahead. Each day I want to have a plan. What home tasks am I tackling that day. What work tasks am I tackling that day. Make a list and prioritize it from most important to least so that the most important things always get done and I use my time as efficiently as possible.

    We’ve already started planning ahead for larger blocks of time as far as expenses go. Looking into the future weeks and months so that we’re not having to figure things out when they’re already upon us. I need to do this more with my time as well. Just winging it and dealing with it “when we get there” makes for more stress and reduced efficiency. I don’t want more stress and can’t afford inefficiency! :)

    • Stacie, CONGRATS on all that you acheived in 2011!!! Paying off debt is huge and I love that you also earned more than you ever have before. :) Sounds like money was a big focus for you and you did some amazing things because of it. So inspiring.

      Love your words, make it great. What a statement and call to action for the year!

      Having a plan is so crucial to success. You’re so right that when you just wait for things to come up that it’s much more stressful and life can feel very chaotic. Getting organized and planning has always been a strength of mine, but this year I’m taking it to a new level. I’ve got lots of spreadsheets, systems and calendars in place to make sure it’s my smoothest year ever.

      Lots of love to you! I feel very blessed to have crossed paths. xo

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