Welcome! I’m Stephenie and I guide amazing men and women (just like you!) to rediscover themselves, uncover their passion, and build a life and business around it.

Ready to build a life and/or business you love? Here are three ways you can get started today:

Do it yourself, at your pace.

Whether you need help rediscovering yourself, finding your passion, creating alignment in your life, or building a business, you like to work at your own pace and on your own terms. You love online programs, ebooks, and virtual communities, but still want access to your mentor for questions and support when you need it.

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Work with me, one-on-one.

You’re ready to make significant shifts in your life, experience more joy and fulfillment, and maybe even build a business around your passions. Not only are you looking for support and guidance, you’re looking for a mentor to walk the journey with you, guiding you every step of the way, at an accelerated, laser focused pace.

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Website Design Services

Even though you don’t know much about the technical aspects of building a website, you know it isn’t rocket science, so why does it cost so much? With Jumpstart, not only do you get a custom branded WordPress website, you get content, additional items to round out your online presence, 1:1 strategy sessions with me, and access to my 12-week business building program!

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It’s changed my life. It made me became clear on where I am heading with my career and now it’s all falling into place. I can see it going just the way I dreamed of. I’m full of ideas and creativity now and I can put those ideas into practice. I’ve got my fire back. I’m excited, happy and full of energy. Thank you. — Charlie Oswin