I know purpose feels like a frustrating term at times, but it's actually quite simple:
Be you. Do what you feel called to do. Contribute in the way that only you can.
Tell me where you're at, so we can uncover yours...

I’m many things. Mostly I’m a woman who refuses to be defined by the boxes our parents, authority figures, or society built for us as individuals, business owners, creatives, and healers.

I’m a life coach, business/branding/marketing strategist, website designer, WordPress developer, speaker, and content creation machine. I’m a writer, mixed media artist, amateur filmmaker, and storyteller. I’m an energy healer, beginner tarot reader, empath, and intuitive. I’m a revolutionary and an activist, as well as a lover of animals, people, and our beautiful planet. I’m a survivor of suicide loss (and the most gut-wrenching grief), emotional abuse, eating disorders, and extreme exhaustion in the form of adrenal fatigue.

I’m also the author of Awesome Life Tips® and creator of Your Passion-Based Business™. But mostly, I’m passionate, purpose- driven, and living a life and business designed around my highest values: freedom, service, personal responsibility, and full self and creative expression.

But, I wasn’t always this way… I was once a believer of the lies and pre-packaged paradigms that were force fed down my throat as I grew up and began navigating the world as an adult. You see, when I was 21 years old, I had everything I thought I ever wanted.


Keep Climbing the Wall

Keep fighting and climbing and clawing at the empty space that surrounds you until you find the walls. Hold onto those walls with everything you have inside of you. Even when you fall a little more, a little deeper. Even when your arms are tired and your fingers feel like [...]

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When I Feel Lost, I Do This…

There’s never a point at which we stop growing. And if there’s never a point at which we stop growing, there’s never a point at which we stop finding ourselves completely, utterly, frustratingly lost inside the many lanes that make up this life. Asking the questions [...]

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Stop Following “Expert” Advice

Yes, I said it. “Expert” advice, tips, or strategies are completely irrelevant unless they’re provided in the context of how they’ll work for you and your goals. Unless said expert has a clear understanding of you, what you’re trying to create, and who else is involved. [...]

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Not only did Stephenie help clarify my purpose, but she also helped me get started on creating my business model and automation around it all. In between our scheduled calls she would help me with my copywriting, and provided me with the resources I needed to build a great business around my passion. I really appreciated her experiences and knowledge in getting through this time of frustration. I would definitely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to discover their purpose, build a solid business around it and to lead a happy and fulfilling life. P.L., Australia   |  READ MORE

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